Who's Who

 Though I've always kept the option open of writing about whoever I want, whenever I want, and therefore used initials for my friends, anyone who reads this blog that knows them is going to know them, period. So, if you've been wondering who's really who, here's the big reveal:

Lucas: Boyfriend to Michelle. Likes golfing, singing, and serenading Michelle on his guitar. Also likes lots of things that Michelle does not, like sushi, Indian food, singing the wrong words to songs, and staying up very late--or early, depending on how you look at it. Is moving to Los Angeles with Michelle next June (or, 13 months, 9 days, and a few hours from now!) to work in a research lab and then begin his descent into the world of Med school. I won't say where's he's planning on going, but I can assure you he will get in, because L. also happens to be very smart, which is why Michelle loves him! Oh, and other reasons too. 

Caroline: Best friend to Michelle. C. wants to save all the women and children (and maybe some men, too) in the world and work at a human rights firm, even if that means she has no money. C. hopes to study and live in England, or go to law school in New York, after graduating in June. Michelle and C. are not amused at the thought of being a whole country or a whole country AND a whole ocean apart, but they send approximately 50 texts, 3 emails, and 25mins of Facebook chatting a day, so they will be ok. Michelle and C. like weddings, home decor,  J.Crew, 1,000 calorie-burning days at the gym (followed by ice cream and hot fudge), and their cute Political Science professor. C. loves babies, but Michelle really prefers puppies. Neither can understand that. 

Paloma: P. and Michelle bring out the crazy in each other. For example, the incident in early 2008 when P. and Michelle woke up one day and decided it would be a great idea to dye their hair. P. went for a beautiful dark brown, but Michelle tried to go blonde. Michelle did not understand that no one just "goes" blonde, and as a result has, to this day, still been trying to get the brassy tones out of her otherwise pretty dark brown hair. The two have also been known to decide that, when it's 3am on a weekday, that's just too late to go to bed, and promptly watched about five hours of Sex and the City. They both fell asleep in class later that day. P. is from Bolivia, so sometimes she says funny things, and always pronounces the word "tangy" as "tan-gee." She also speaks five languages, much to the chagrin of Michelle.

Big Relationship: Michelle's first love. He and Michelle began dating when she was 14 and he was 15. They stopped when she was 18 and he was 19. Lots of things got in the way, but Michelle mostly thinks it was college (he was a year older than her so he went first, and their colleges were three hours apart) and the fact that no one can really sustain a relationship that begins at 14 or 15. Big Relationship went to Brandeis, and when he graduates he's moving to Portland, Maine, to build things for the theatre, 'cause he's really really good at that. Big Relationship and Michelle are very much alike, in that they both, as teenagers, loved early 90s emo music, and now, as college students, love indie rock. They also both enjoy each other's cynical senses of humor, beaches anytime but the summer, and bonding over the things they mutually hate. Even though it didn't work out, they continue to be best friends.

Mum and Dad: Michelle's parents live in New Hampshire, and are sad that neither Michelle nor her three brothers will ever live there again. But since all their children have taken it upon themselves to move (or plan to move) to Southern California, the parents have decided that's what they probably ought to do, as well, so they'll be getting a house there in a few years. Michelle's excited to finally have her whole family living on one coast. Another cool thing about Michelle and her parents is that she's been living with them since she was 12, because they adopted her, but they both feel like they've together her whole life. They're two of her best friends, and she loves them dearly and is grateful for them every day.

Real Life Dan Humphrey: Michelle affectionately refers to "Real Life Dan Humphrey" as such because, if you've ever watched Gossip Girl and know anything about Dan Humphrey, well, then you already know a lot about RLDH too. RLDH is one of L.'s best friends, and for a time dated C., who is Michelle's best friend. Needless to say, L. and Michelle were very happy about their best-friends-couple-dates. C. and RLDH aren't together right now, but Michelle and L. remain just as close with both of them. RLDH graduated from Williams two years ahead of the rest of us, and currently lives in Boston, where he does "consulting." C. and Michelle have no idea what that means, but basically he puts on a suit every morning and makes a lot of spreadsheets, sometimes until 2am.