Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Costumes, or, Further Proof of my Jim and Pam Obsession

I'm realizing that (too) many of my posts on this blog are about Jim and Pam, but maybe when writers can come up with a better TV couple I'll be slightly less unhealthy about it.

Anyways, L. and I dressed up as Jim and Pam for Halloween, as alluded to in many previous posts. It was quite the endeavor. We had to straighten (and cut) L.'s hair, which I did happily, and I had to curl my hair.

He got the face down perfectly, huh? I was very proud of him. He was Three Hole Punch Version Jim from Season 2, unlike some unoriginal bandwagon-Office lovers who went as Facebook or BookFace or whatever Jim from the most recent episode. We were classic, and classy, thank you very much.

All I wanted all night was for someone we didn't know to see us and yell, "Jim and Pam!" without me having to tug L.'s arm and tell him to "make the face!," or otherwise hint and prod. A lot of people realized L. was Jim right off the bat but then just smiled politely at me. They must have assumed I just came from some nice dinner or something.

I think I pulled a Pam together very well...don't you? Well, even if only I think so, I was very pleased with the way it all turned out. Halloween itself was kind of a bust, and I spent most of it editing the audio and video for my play that's opening on Thursday (!), but dressing up was fun at least.


  1. I love the halloween costumes! You two are a regular jim and pam!

  2. *that was supposed to say "real life" not regular. I'm sleepy this morning.

  3. Haha I think "regular" is actually funnier!

  4. I think you pulled off Pam well, and L is a dead ringer for three hole punch Jim.
    You are going to bust a gut when you see my Halloween post (I'm a slacker, I'm working on it now). I was a less well known character of the Office :-)