Monday, November 30, 2009

The Worst Vacation Length

Here's what vacations are intended to do, if you are a college student or otherwise a normal human being who tends to get stressed, worn down, and slightly grumpy:

They revitalize you. They freshen you up. They leave you well-fed, happy, rested, and ready to take on the world...or those five papers before the semester ends in three weeks.

But here's the thing: 4 DAYS of vacation does none of those things. No, four days of vacation is the anti-vacation. It doesn't leave you rested and fulfilled. It leaves you lazy, unproductive and wanting more vacation! L. and I spent four days at my parents' house in New Hampshire and it was lovely. We went to the movies, went on a day trip to North Conway (my favorite place in the world), ate EVERYTHING, and watched tv. I haven't watched tv in months.

But now I am still in that mode. How am I supposed to think about reading 500 pages of Daniel Deronda or writing Con Law papers when all I want to do is watch more tv, eat tons of food, and sleep late?

Already counting the days until winter break...21 to go!


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