Friday, November 13, 2009

Homecoming, etc.

Great things to look forward to about this weekend:

1. L.'s parents are in town, which is always fun. We actually love each other dearly. Plus, they always stay for a good five or so days, and every day feels like the weekend! I get presents and dinners and it's glorious =).

2. L.'s show is this weekend! He's in Sondheim's Company. We went to opening night tonight--it was great!

3. HOMECOMING. SATURDAY. I will get up at 8 and may or may not enjoy traditional beverages before dressing in all purple and gold with the new adorable purple and gold beaded earrings my mum bought me. I used to be all cas (abbrev. for casual but it's not phonetic) on Homecoming, i.e., jeans, long-sleeved tee under short-sleeved tee, ponytail, Williams hat, etc. This year I'm very classy--Uggs, skinny jeans, my new purple Gap boyfriend sweater (!), and my beau-ti-ful earrings. We will BEAT AMHERST and I will eat lots of hot dogs and hang out with the guys in L.'s a cappella group. Did I mention hot dogs???

4. Friday is C.'s 21st BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday, C.! We're doing girls' yoga in the late afternoon followed by dinner with her parents. Fun fun fun.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. please do beat amherst. it would give me great personal satisfaction as a smith alum and as someone who thinks most amherst people are d-bags.