Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Home Stretch....


That's because Tuesday is the day that L. and I pack up our things, jump in his car (isn't he such a gentleman for driving?), and drive three hours to New Hampshire for Thanksgiving at my parents' house!

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful day at my house. We have so many traditions, and I can't wait for L. to be a part of them. We wake up in the morning and come downstairs, where my mum puts out coffee, tea, blueberry muffins and fruit, and watch the parade. Then we all shower and get ready, and start setting out the hor' d'oeurves (cheese and crackers, shrimp cocktail, nuts) and munching on them while my dad finishes up the turkey. It's my job to cook the flaky biscuits at this point, since everyone else always forgets, and that's also about the time that the NATIONAL DOG SHOW comes on, which is one of my favorite parts of the day.

We eat dinner really early...really early, like 1pm, and it's delicious. Then after that, we get out the pumpkin and apple pies and put on the Thanksgiving Day football game. This year, it just so happens to be...THE GREEN BAY PACKERS v. the DETROIT LIONS!

I have NEVER been able to experience the joy of watching the Packers on Thanksgiving Day. It is going to be absolutely indescribably wonderful. Also, we're playing the LIONS. Aka guaranteed win. Aka Merry Early Christmas, Michelle!

After the immense and overbrimming happiness with which that win will fill me, we will partake in our next Thanksgiving Day tradition-- going to the movies. I always feel rather bad for the people who have to work at the movie theatre when I go there Thanksgiving night, but then again, I've had to hostess on Christmas Eve. This Thanksgiving I want to extend the football gloriousness for two more hours and get L. and my dad to go see The Blind Side with me. My mum hates staying up late so she might not want to come, and my dad hates Sandra Bullock, but I know L. will be easily persuaded. (Mostly because he will be at my house, and faced with the decision of staying home with my parents or doing whatever I want to do, he will choose the latter...)

I absolutely can't wait to get out of here on Tuesday! For now, the only thing standing between me and homey holiday happiness is my Con Law paper on separation of powers jurisprudence in the Burger and Rehnquist courts. Boooooooo.



  1. movies on thanksgiving are completely inhuman. much like movies on valentines day, movies on most major holidays, movies when new moon is out... which it is.

  2. Haha request it off poops! But I agree, kind are they open?

  3. The Packers did lose to the Bucs, so no guarantees on that front.