Monday, November 9, 2009


So, one of my favorite bloggers KK does a hilarious and IMPRESSIVELY detailed feature called "I Watch the Hills So You Don't Have To," in which she details and recaps all the current goings-on of the Hills. And she's right-- I don't watch the Hills, but nor do I have to since her posts on my Blogroll fill me in on all I need to know!

Since I'm so impressed with this talent of hers, I think I'm going to be a shameless thief and begin my own feature in which I keep everyone up to date on the this-just-in happenings of my favorite guilty pleasure...Gossip Girl. I KNOW. Don't you think I'm shamed enough to be attending the #1 ranked liberal arts college in the country and yet put aside papers on the chronos and kairos of Woolf's To the Lighthouse and the constitutional implications of US v. Carolena Products and its infamous footnote to watch this hour of television magic every Monday night?

Actually, even that's not entirely true, since I usually have so much work to do that I (and by "I" I mean L.) have to buy it on iTunes and watch it Tuesday or Wednesday. But after that my weekly tradition is to call up Real Life Dan Humphrey, or text him intermittently throughout, and have lots of convos that basically go like "OMG did you see that?" Or "WTF is Hillary Duff doing on the show?" etc etc.

SO I thought it would be fun to extend that little pleasure to here. Don't judge me.

Okay, you can judge me just a little...

(Also, if you are a online blog or magazine looking me up to hire me for a job someday, I know a lot of stuff and I'm very dedicated etc etc. )


  1. i love you for this and i can't wait to read it. we can def become professional tv bloggers. perfect.

  2. Hey! On the side of the youtube video there is an html code, and you just cut and paste that into your blog and it will show up as a video when published!

    Your homecoming looked like fun!