About Me (Through Blog Posts)

Michelle, The Basics:  

A 21 year old about to begin her senior year at Williams College in the Berkshires. Williams has the title of the #1 Liberal Arts school in the country but sometimes the people that go there make her wonder about that. Michelle is sick of Williams, but only in the way that a mother can sometimes be sick of her children...or perhaps a child sick of her parent...but in any case, she loves it dearly. That being said, she is ready to get out of there. When she graduates, Michelle is breaking up with the East Coast...and it's not me, it's you, by the way...packing her things into a U-Haul with her wonderful boyfriend, Lucas, and driving across the country to Los Angeles, where L. will attend Med School and Michelle will find a job in Publishing, Advertising, Marketing--all those jobs that English majors like. She will also probably go to grad school, if she can learn to stomach the thought of at least four more years of this stuff. Until then, she's looking forward to sun, palm trees, dresses, and painted toes that people can actually see. 

Right now, Michelle likes to blog about loving L., the awkward situations that always have a way of finding her, and her life as a college student. Since that last part gets pretty dull, she is excited for the next year and the new blogging rewards it will bring--namely, more about her soon-to-be new puppy, and redecorating her apartment and or house. Hope you enjoy the ride!

Michelle, the Posts:

You'll notice that L. appears a lot on this blog, and that sometimes I refer to him as "My Goose." I came up with sort of a funny, weird theory that finding a great  guy is akin to the one "goose" in "duck, duck, duck, goose;" it's not so frequent. You can read the story of how we met and fell in love here. Sometimes he does really nice things for me like surprises me with sweet hotel room packages for no reason at all. He even bought me a disgusting amount of Jell-o when I was sick.

I'm obsessed with the Office's Jim and Pam. They're a lot like me and L. We even dressed up as them last Halloween. 

I had never been to New York City until December of 2009. And honestly? It was just ok. But I can't wait to move to Los Angeles in summer 2010. 

I get unabashedly excited about spotting or meeting celebrities. I met Justin Long in the summer of 2010 and we became friends! And the Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky is from my college town. I took a picture of some friends at our local bar without realizing that her brother was in it!

I love to travel, and luckily L.'s family lives in amazing places, so even visiting family turns into a vacation. He grew up in St. Louis, MO, so we took a road trip there in summer 2009, stopping and staying at beautiful Niagra Falls on the way. For spring break 2010 we and his parents visited his aunt and uncle in Hawaii, my first time ever going. His parents live in Santa Barbara, and we've been a few times; L. took me for my 21st birthday.   

I'm adopted. But not when I was a baby; when I was a teenager. Sarah Von at Yes and Yes interviewed me about it for her True Story series.  If you'd like to learn more about that, feel free to read the interview.