Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Joys and Unforseen Consequences of Being 21, and a Mini Vacation: Introduction

Note that this post is titled "introduction" for a couple reasons: The first being that my computer or internet or Firefox or whatever it is is doing that thing where though I type an average of over 90 words per minute, only one letter is showing up at a time and there's a horrendous lag, and, well, I just can't deal with that.

The second reason is that in about an hour L. and I are leaving to go to the airport on our mini vacation! We're going to Santa Barbara to visit his parents until Monday. Sure, it's only going to be 55, maybe 60 degrees--certainly not beach, or, much to my chagrin, sandal weather--but it's better than the single digit temps and snow here in Western Mass! (Though to be fair, the last few days we've had 50 degree rain, and sun snow showers? Um?)

So, fear not, the 21st birthday shenanigans are indeed on their way, and I promise that you'll appreciate how ridiculous the past few days have been. I've realized, as well, that being 21 involves being in a constant state of hangover, which isn't very nice.

Also, thanks so much everyone for all the super sweet Birthday wishes! xo



  1. Girl those hangovers are nothing!! When you're 21 you can bounce back so fast. Now if I drink on a Saturday I have to call in sick on a Monday. hahaha!
    Though after my 21st I did have to work the next day and as I tried to answer the phone at the help desk I said, "I can't remember how to make WORDS!" Worst hangover.ever. :-) Hope Santa Barbara was a blast!

  2. Hahaha fair enough....I'll utilize my special defenses while they last!!