Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Interior Designer Within Is Yearning for Something Other Than a Dorm Room

I need to get an apartment, and fast.

My creativity is being stifled in a dorm room. I'm so over college living.

I'm channeling my design tendencies vicariously into mood boards that I hope will be of use to me next year when I'm actually designing my very own apartment!

Here is my dream bedroom:


  1. hahaha I totally felt the same way in college but now sometimes I wish that I had a dorm room so I could hang Christmas lights up year round on my walls, use a shower curtain as a physical curtain for my window (we did that in was really had stars that matched the Christmas light stars hanging around our room), tacky colorful rugs from target, and have my desk under my bed :(

  2. OH man...the dorm room. I feel I did a fairly good job of decorating my little space. The problem was my roommate's stuff completely clashed with mine which drove me crazy. It's so much fun to decorate your first apartment! Looking forward to pics when you finally get your place.