Friday, January 8, 2010

Things I Meant to Say: Baileys and Hot Chocolate

1. To begin the random tidbits today in my second Things I Meant to Say installment, I'd just like to thank everyone for their supportive comments on my last post. While I'd still like to believe that there's a part of him that's not an absolutely horrible person and to a degree, I do, I know it's time to end the friendship. I also laughed when Maureen brought up whether or not he'd be inviting me to the wedding, which is something I myself have been wondering. That's one situation I will not be dumb enough to get myself into. But having all your sweet comments really helped, and that's what blogging's all about after all!

2. It is Friday afternoon of Winter Study, which is our one-month long term between Fall and Spring semester in which we only take one class. Mine meets three times a week for two hours. Basically, this month is one three-and-a-half-week-long relaxation fest, and this first Friday of it has gotten off to the perfect start. I'm curled up in my room, sipping on creamy hot chocolate which may or may not have some of the caramel Baileys that Santa put in my stocking this year since he knew I'm turning 21 this month, waiting for L. to come home from the hospital (don't worry! He's just shadowing a doctor), and feeling generally content.

3. I had lunch today with a great friend of mine and the former Editor-in-Chief of the Record, our newspaper for which I used to be a passionate and involved editor, but have since failed to see eye to eye with the editors that have replaced my good friend EIC, and so have been on an indefinite leave of absence since last fall. EIC graduated last year along with Real Life Dan Humphrey and that whole group, and I miss them terribly, but our two hour lunch was wonderful. He's attending grad school at Cambridge and generally leading an amazing life, and I hope I'm as successful as him post-baccalaureate.

4. My GRE study materials arrived in the mail this week. I glanced over the vocab and the verbal sections once and scoffed; I glanced over the quantitative section and threw up in my mouth a little bit. Alright, look, I know that solving equations for x and figuring out the angles of triangles given their hypotenuse or whatever isn't hard stuff, people. But I haven't done this shizz since sophomore year of high school. I'm freakin' out. I mean, I'm the person who got near-perfect 800s on the verbal and writing sections of her SATs. (I bet for many of my fellow twenty-something bloggers reading this, the writing section of the SAT is an elusive and curious prospect that you never had to deal with. It was easy schmeasy and raised my overall score by a ton). But math? Not-so-much. Let's just hope the UCLA English doctoral program doesn't need me to know how to use angles and algebra.

5. L. and I have been making our way through the entire series of Entourage over the last week. We just started season 3. Does anyone watch Entourage? It's so, so, SO good. It's like Sex and the City for men, except let's face it, I'm kind of a man sometimes (including, but not limited to, my distrust of radical feminism, my love of football, red meat, and chicken wings, my dirty sense of humor, and my addiction to video games), so I'm just loving it. Ladies, check it out. You might be surprised how much you enjoy it. Or not.

6. Now that I've watched a lot of Entourage, I want to go back and watch the Notebook over again but just watch the scenes that Kevin Connolly is in. I think it will be hilarious.

7. Speaking of Kevin Connolly, at 5'5, he certainly does not meet my infamous height standards for dating. Though I would much rather date E. than Vince or Ari any day. Though I give much respect to Mrs. Ari.

Happy Weekend, all!


  1. Oh, how I love how you talked about things men like that you like. I'm the same way. I'm really not a girly-girl and I'm much more content in my sweats, watching football with my brother than anywhere else. For example, this weekend I will spent most of my time parked in front of the TV watching the playoffs. And I'm so, so excited about that!

    Yep. I am a girl. Kind of.

  2. Baileys and hot cocoa sounds amazing. You should also try hot cocoa with peppermint schnapps. It's called a ski lift and it is GOOD.
    I'm a man sometimes too-I swear, it's like one mind you and me :-) Except you're 5 years younger and therefore have much more energy! ;-) I would date E too, he'd be the one exception to the short guy rule. I'm still 5 inches shorter than him, but it's weird. I would NEVER date Vinnie. Is it just me or is E the hottest one? He's also in He's Just Not That Into You and he's precious. Entourage rocks-I need to catch up, I'm a few seasons behind.

  3. S- SAME WAY. I love hanging out with my dad, eating snacks and watching football. Super Bowl is one of my favorite holidays.

    DG- Completely agree haha. Cocoa and peppermint schnapps (I never knew it had a name!) is THE drink of choice on Homecoming Morning, and my friend C. and I may or may not have left at half-time to go to the coffee shop and get hot chocolate, and may or may not have had a water bottle filled with peppermint schnapps to mix it with. I think looks-wise I'm most into Ari (I think he's adorable,) but I love E.'s personality. I'm only in season 3.