Monday, January 18, 2010

True Story: My Professor Now Thinks I'm a Jerk, and I Probably Have Mono

1. The boyfriend has been sleeping through his iPhone alarm (that goes off at 7:45 IN THE MORNING) a lot of mornings this month, most likely because his internal body temperature is probably set at 118 degrees and he thus insists in sleeping with the noisy fan on in the middle of the winter. (I counteract this by turning the heat up...I'm not paying the heating bill! Ah, the wonders of dorm life). As a result, I've been graciously offering to set my cell phone alarm (who uses alarm clocks any more, anyway?) for the ungodly hour of 7:45 to ensure he doesn't oversleep and can be on time to the hospital (he's "being a doctor" this month, aka shadowing), and then I happily re-set my alarm to 9am and wake up for my 10am class. It's college. I can sleep late if I like.

Well, this morning the same old deal went down, although the night before I had kindly asked him if he could re-set my alarm in the morning so that I didn't have to do a darn thing and could sleep happily while he prepared to actually contribute something to the real world. So my alarm goes off at 7:45, he gets up but doesn't get out of bed, and I finally begrudgingly crack open an eye around 7:55 to see him staring dumbfoundedly at my EnV 3, which is clearly more confusing than an iPhone. After deducing that he has no idea how to set my alarm, becoming annoyed at my state of wakefulness, and remaining half asleep, I set my alarm to 10am and fall back asleep.

My alarm proceeds to go off at 10am. Thinking it's 9am, I drift in and out of sleep until about 10:45 and then, thinking it's 9:45, throw on some leggings, an oversized sweater, and my fuggs, and wander over to class. I open the door and see that everyone's already there and have begun to discuss the novel, and figure I'm a minute or two late.

Everyone turns to stare. "Hi," my professor says, taking a break from his lecture.

"Hi!" I reply, sleepily but cheerfully, as I take my seat and begin taking out my notebook and novels. There's an almost imperceptible beat, but class continues as usual and I jump right into the conversation.

It's only when I glance at the screen of the laptop of the guy sitting next to me that I realize what time it actually is: 11:30. Class, as I said, begins at 10. A note of panic strikes me. I stupidly try to figure out if I've actually been in class for an hour and a half already, wonder if I fell asleep at some point, and then begin to have vague remembrances of setting my alarm for 10.

Mortified, I pray for class to end. At noon, when everyone else is leaving, I walk up to my prof.

"I'm so sorry I was late." I say emphatically. "I set my alarm an hour ahead and didn't notice the time difference."

He glances at me. Clearly doesn't believe me. "Yeah," he says, "I thought it was odd how casually you sauntered in."

Facepalm. I am so mortified.

New goals for the rest of the month: Make boyfriend find a Plan C of waking up on time, and convince my prof I'm not a jerk.

Also, find out if I have mono. WHY am I finding it so difficult to wake up at a respectable hour?


  1. oh no! I hate when that happens, not that this specifically has happened to me, but I have experienced something similar! I'm sure your prof will forget about it in a few weeks just make sure you are on time or early from now on! :) Good luck.
    xo, KA

  2. Haha the problem is it's my winter term prof, which only has week left! Oh well.

  3. Oh no! While I am sure it was embarrassing at the moment...this is so one of those stories you are going to look back on and laugh at someday. But I really hope you don't have mono...mono is no fun!

  4. Lol, you had a class version of the walk of shame and didn't even know it! eeek! Hope you don't have mono. It's probably just the crazy college schedule.