Sunday, October 25, 2009

Every Girl Should Have One of These When She's Sick

...and by "these" I mean an L.

I'm miserably sick with some sort of mystery illness that I have decided must one of the following four, with justifications why it may be that one:

1. Walking pneumonia, for the pounding headache, chills/crazy body temp (my body feels on fire but I keep crawling under the covers,) and weird ear congestion (?)

2. Mono, for the extreme fatigue I've felt the last few weeks (and have been attributing to working four hours on directing a show, plus classes and work, plus doing work) and the seemingly swollen lymphnode on the right side of my throat. The thermometer doesn't seem to think I have a fever, even though my head feels scorching to me (but that could be because my hands are freezing.)

3. Bronchitis, for the chest-rattling cough that produces some pretty icky mucus, and the aforementioned fatigue.

4. Flu, but most likely not the Wwine, unless I develop a fever, in which case a scary number of my symptoms match up. And Obama did just declare a national sate of emergency for the millions of people who have been infected, which is way higher than I thought we had gotten.

In any case, I do not feel well, and I've been complaining to L., who, rather than tell me to shush or get up off my butt and get stuff myself, has been getting me advil and filling my water bottle from the Brita filter. When he went to the store he said he'd get me some jello since it makes me feel better. Here is what he came back with:

I love him. A lot.

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