Sunday, October 4, 2009

Toga, Toga...Toga?

That's right, I am after all a junior in college, and, well, college students love to toga. What can I say? You can either roll with these things, or you can fight them and stay home reading contract law and writing about the Marshall Court's contributions in shaping American economic policy. (Not like anyone I have in mind would have been doing that on a Saturday night...)

Anyways, S.'s twin was in town this weekend, so the three of us and S.'s roommate set about working on our togas last night. Now, just so everyone knows, when it comes to crafts, I get way too into what I'm doing. I could just do things the simple way (like, for example, buy a memory ribbon board, but no, instead, I GLUED ribbons to a bulletin board and put pictures of L. and I in it and gave it to him; the whole endeavor took about half a day). So clearly I am not about to grab a sheet off my bed, throw it around myself, stick some safety pins in it and call it a day (or toga).

Thus, three hours of work went into a toga that I wore for probably all of 35 minutes at a dance party. But, it's college, and it's go toga or go home.

Here, S. Twin and I show off our authentic Roman headgear. Didn't you know that Romans had developed plastic flower technology?

Here we have a group shot taken after the men arrived. Just for the record, I spend THREE HOURS on my toga, what with gluing ribbon onto the hem and braiding the halter top, etc. These boys just showed up, threw on some sheets, and boom, were ready to go. Not fair. Absolutely not fair. That's L.'s friend Hockey Player, L., myself, and S.

Needless to say, it's difficult to transition from the leisurely life of a Roman back to the trials and tribulations of the Marshall Court. Hence the 11:00pm post on a Sunday...

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