Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Halloween Decorations

I'm a very festive person. My Birthday is the most important holiday of the year, but Christmas, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Halloween are not bad either.

Kidding, of course. Kind of.

Anyway, so Halloween is coming up, and since it's now officially Fall I've been trying to do some Fall-like things, for and with friends and L. This doesn't seem to be going as planned.

My mum is on the bandwagon, however: last week she sent me a package containing the following glorious items: Apple Cider donuts, Apple Bread, Pumpkin Bread and fresh-picked Apples from Mack's Apples, my favorite apple orchard of all time back home in New Hampshire. This place is heaven. They have homemade ice cream in the summer, and the aforementioned delicious items in the fall. Not to mention a pond with a dock, a tire swing, pumpkin patches...very quintessential New Hampshire.

So my mum knows that I miss it when I'm away at school, so that package came (also containing a little pre-decorated pumpkin and a gorgeous fall scarf), and I knew it was time to start doing some Fall preparations of my own. So last week L. and I headed down to Wal-Mart to get some essentials.

The only problem is, we differ on what "Fall essentials" are.

We arrive at Wal-Mart. We both stop at the Halloween baking aisle, with orange and black frosting, little sugar pumpkins, etc. We look at each other.

"Absolutely not," I say, and continue.

We arrive in the Halloween aisles. L. heads straight for the costumes. He begins showing me the costumes.

Me: But we don't need costumes. We're going to be Jim and Pam for Halloween, remember?
L.: But look at "insert costume here"! This is awesome.
Me: But we don't need it.

Next Halloween aisle contains those little plastic pumpkin buckets that you use to go trick-or-treating. L. picks one up.
L.: We totally need this.
Me: For what?
L.: We can put things in it and eat them out of it!

I don't know what to say to this.

L.: Which color should I get? (They have blue, orange, green, maybe pink?) He is holding a blue one.
Me: If you're going to get one at all, you should really get an orange one. You know, for authenticity.

It goes into the cart.

I walk into the next aisle. I am promptly stabbed with a sword.
L. (holding sword): I totally need to get this.
Me: Why?
L.: Because it's awesome.


He then finds a plastic knife/dagger thing that has red-colored liquid inside of it that fills it up when you point it downward, to make it look like you actually stabbed somebody. L. stabs me.

Me: That's disgusting.

I ask L. if we can get window clings to put on the window.
Me: L., can we get window clings?
L.: No.

Oh, those would be unnecessary.

I finally find some Halloween garland. I show L. He remains uninterested, because it's a decoration, and he only wants to get fake weapons and plastic buckets shaped like pumpkins. I put the garland in the cart. (It's now up on the wall and looks fabulous, btw.)

Finally, L. and I can agree on one awesome thing: Halloween masks. We try them on and giggle at each other, and get scowls from five-year-olds.

We're ready to leave, but I still have to get pumpkin carving kits.

Me: Do you think these [the knives and "saws" in the kit] will be big enough to carve a pumpkin?
L.: No way.

I get them anyway. We'll see if they're big enough or not probably the weekend after next, when L and Michelle Take a Trip to Apple Barn to Pick Pumpkins.

This weekend, we have Monday and Tuesday off for Reading Period, so we're going down to Boston to see Couple Friend Guy. He and C. have since broken up, so he'll have to have a new name. Probably Dan Humphrey, since he's the real-life version of him.

Expect lots of pictures from our fun weekend!

[Image from Flickr]


  1. I love decorating too! My boyfriend is the opposite of L, he's a total minimalist, so we have to compromise on holiday decorating. Right now all we have up is a ceramic pumpkin candle holder, a sign outside that says happy halloween, and a big giant fake spider on the mailbox. It's simple but fun. He did agree to do pumpkin carving, so we're headed to the pumpkin patch tomorrow.
    And no, those saws won't cut worth crap, but it's worth not dulling your good knives. Have a great time!
    PS Pam and Jim are awesome. We were going to dress up as Dwight and Princess Unicorn but Match cannot pull off Dwight!!

  2. Haha Match not being able to pull of Dwight is probably a GOOD thing!! =)