Friday, October 9, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things: Jim and Pam Part II

SPOILER ALERT: Don't read this post if you haven't yet watched the Jim and Pam wedding episode!

I know I'm a bit late on the uptake with this one, but I thought it only appropriate to follow-up my first Jim and Pam post with a tribute to their wedding episode.

Now, a few disclaimers.

1. I have seen every episode of the Office probably three or four times, and more for the episodes with crucial Jim and Pam moments. I'm really, really invested.

2. I had never seen the YouTube video that the joke in this episode centers around (more about that coming up), so I felt left out and sad.

3. I really liked this episode because it was fun to see all the places we recognized from when L. and I went to Niagra Falls. That being said, there were some far-fetched moments, mainly that if you stand ANYWHERE within a 2 mile radius of the falls, you are going to get soaked.

4. Pam would have been showing WAY more if she were really that pregnant. Just sayin'.

Okay, so. The episode.

First of all, I have to say that overall I was slightly disappointed with it. It's true that I had unfairly high expectations going in, which I will be the first to admit. But the whole "Our Real Wedding is Going Shittily So We're Going to Sneak Off and Have a Secret Wedding so When the Real Wedding Goes Shittily We Will Just Smile and be Cute" plot line has been done before. Anyone see the wedding episode of How I Met Your Mother? SAME THING.

Nevertheless, it was still cute as hell. Here were my teary moments:

1. The Teaser. Yeah yeah, I know, it was like a two minute clip. But they included all the best Jim and Pam moments of the whole series! Too perfect. A+

2. Jim's Rehearsal Dinner Speech. It had my eyes welling up and my vision blurred for about the first minute...until Jim spilled the beans about Pam's pregnancy and Michael tried to do damage control, while only, of course, making things worse.

3. Maid of the Mist. This scene was almost perfect. I don't know how I felt about continuing to play Chris Brown's "Forever" in the background during their cute secret wedding.

There was a lot going on in this episode--it was an hour-long special, after all. Some of the plotlines were genius, and some were just plain bad.

Meemaw. Since when has Pam has this grandma? I don't think she's ever come in before. And would a grandma really refuse to come to her grandchild's wedding because she was pregnant while being engaged? Really Meemaw? Her scenes with Michael were kind of funny, though. B-.

Dwight. D.S. quote of the episode: "I'm ravenous after a night of lovemaking." Hilarious. My dad says that they should just kick Jim and Pam off the show and center it around Dwight. I vote no on that, but I can admit that he was hilarious in this episode. A.

Andy's Ripped Scrotum. That's right. Andy tried to do a split while dancing, landed on his keys, and tore his scrotum. It would have been so much funnier if I didn't feel like I was going to pass out from the idea of it. (I'm SUPER woozy). Also, "I spent the night with the bride the night before her wedding." Classic. I had thought that maybe they'd do something with an Angela-Dwight-Andy throwback since she was engaged to both of them at one time, and they were at a wedding after all. B

Pam's Morning Sickness. I just couldn't even handle this scene. (Queasiness again). It was totally unnecessary and not really even that funny. Basically, Dwight refuses to stop eating his hard-boiled eggs at his desk, Pam throws up in her trashcan, and everyone in the office proceeds to throw up...everywhere. Gross. D

Chris Brown "Forever" Wedding Entrance. Just like Andy's scrotum, I'm torn over this one. On one had, it was pretty funny. Even though I hadn't seen the original video. On the other hand, WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR JIM AND PAM TO GET MARRIED FOR SIX SEASONS. I almost felt robbed. I know that the Maid of the Mist plotline was put there specifically for people like me, who are hopeless romantics enough to value a heartwrenching Jim and Pam wedding over comedic genius, but I guess this one was just really far-fetched for me. Regardless, I couldn't help but tear up at the Maid of the Mist scenes alternating in.

Here's the original video.

Some honorable mentions that weren't so bad:
Michael Not Having a Room
Kevin's Shoes

Plotlines the episode could have done without:
Kevin's toupee
Pam's Mom and Michael: Doesn't everyone remember Pam's mom being super nice and cute, in the first or second season when she comes to visit Pam and asks which one is Jim? What happened?

Also, I was really annoyed when Jim cut his tie because Pam ripped her veil. I know that I might sound like a heartless anti-love jerk, but if everything on my wedding day were going wrong, and I ripped my veil, and my fiancee tried to make me feel better by cutting his tie and therefore looking ridiculous, I'd just be more miserable!

OH, and I was kind of hoping they would have invited Karen to the wedding. I'm starting to love Rashida Jones after watching I Love You, Man, and I figured since she and Jim and Pam didn't leave things off too awkwardly it would have been plausible for her to have been invited.

Regardless, at the end of the day, Jim and Pam are now married, and that can never be a bad thing. For all the haters that say that the Office has committed sitcom suicide by finally having its main plot line resolved in a marriage, I say phooey. There are SO many funny things that could happen with married Jam. Plus, BABY JAM. I can't wait.

Check back for my post after Halloween, when L. and I are going to dress up as Jim and Pam!

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