Thursday, October 1, 2009

Collage Board: Cupcakes

I've been really responding to visual stimuli lately; seeing beautiful things, whether they are organic (the orange autumn light, the leaves changing on the trees, children eating ice cream) or images, they've really been making the serotonin work for me big time. And since today left me feeling a little down (read my post below to see why), I decided I would search for some of these images and share them. I'll do this from time to time, and create collages of images with a central theme that make me happy and, I hope, do the same for others.

Tonight's theme is something I haven't been able to eat much of lately (South Beach, damn you!) but still love to look at: Cupcakes!

Also, I realize one of the photos is of candy apples. Frankly, they're still spherical and delicious.

[Images via Ffffound, Audrey Hepburn Complex, Starling Fitness, Flickr, My Recipes]

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