Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Playing Catch Up and a Not-so-Hot Trend

I've been a bad blogger. I meant to write my Boston Reading Period post to visit my good friend Real-Life Dan Humphrey as soon as I got back, which was a week ago today. Shame on me. It'll be up soon!

In the meantime, I thought I'd hold a mini-rant about one of my least favorite new fashion trends: men who wear cardigans. Ew! I'm all about keepin' it classy, but the cardigan is MY go-to classy look! Find your own, boys! Ever hear of button downs? They're like the male cardigan. God made button downs so men would stay away from our cute outfit choices. (Side note: I know that we ladies sometimes like to steal your button downs to sleep in. All I can say to this is that you guys love it, we look hot, and they're so damn comfy. Cardigans can NOT be comfy--they're too constrictive against your pecs and/or chest.)

Let's observe what I'm talking about here:

Now, I'm not gonna lie to you and pretend that I may-or-may-not have been into the hipster/"scene" look in high school, back in the days of my band-tee, skinny jeans, Chucks, emo music (oh, wait, I still listen to that) and wearing glasses even though I have 20/20 vision but thought they looked oh-so-cool. (Basically, in high school I dressed exactly like Peyton from One Tree Hill in the early episodes. And listened to the same music as her. Which is why I still love that show.) But this? This is an outfit I would wear!! It may seem like a double standard, but here's my argument to that: I look hot in your clothes, boys! You don't look hot in mine! You look like you accidently reached into the left side of the closet, not the right, and didn't bother to notice that your poor girlfriend was left blue-cardigan-less in the morning. (Side note: I actually do like his hair. Sigh. Some habits will never die.)

Even these guys don't like it:

And look at this here. Soulja Boy, really? You look like a 5 year old girl in 1994 who is on her way to a birthday party at the roller skating rink. Clearly, Soulja Boy Tell 'Em is not telling 'em how to dress well.

And the one thing that's worse than men in cardigans? Men in cardigans and V-NECKS.

Come on, guys...let's leave the plunging necklines to those of us who actually have some cleavage to show off. All you've got is some hairy man-chest, and to that I say no thank you.

Or...even worse than THAT...men in v-neck cardigans with NO TEE. Ewwww:

Many of you may not agree with me; the look is super popular and even John Krasinski, aka god's gift to women, sports it from time to time. There are very few times that it can be acceptable, and those times usually involve muted, solid colors, and fully-buttoned (aka...a sweater. Which is for men. Not a cardigan. Which is for women.)

Also, this is all not to say that men are going wrong with the sweater-vests, even the button-up ones that are basically sleveless cardigans:

Notice how he has the vest fully buttoned, has stuck to a muted solid color, is wearing a complementary buttondown underneath, and is overall quite a looker. It's trendy but still sticking within the confines of traditional men's classic fashion. Bravo, hot model.

Here he is again wearing glasses:

...Yup. That was for me.

[Images from Style Hive, Photobucket, Blend Fashions, Designer Labels, Terence Sambo [check out his blog!]


  1. First, I was so with you this entire post. I was like "yes, yes!" men should never wear cardigans. And I agree on the sweater vest, although I think only certain men can rock it.

    Second, I can't wait to see your set! What show are you directing?

  2. Ooo I'm so excited to post pictures! The show is The Shape of Things-- it was a play that began in London starring Paul Rudd, Rachel Weisz, Fred Weller and Gretchen Mol, and there's a movie version with the same cast. Basically, it's taking over my life.