Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Over the Top!

One of my favorite bloggers Melissa, at Duoly Noted, brightened my day a lot today by naming me and my blog for the Over the Top Award! The rules for accepting this award are to answer the questions below, and to nominate six other bloggers. Thanks Melissa!

1. Where is your cell phone: Right next to me, as usual, because I'm addicted to texting.

2. Your hair: Feels so nice and CLEAN because I didn't shower until 6:00 this evening and, well, it was well needed by then.

3. Your mother: is the best because she sends me packages/cards/presents once every week or two while I'm away at school and it always brightens my day!

4. Your father: is the best because even when I tried to be independent and get my car taken care of on my own, when I felt like they were trying to take advantage of me (which they were!) he called and set them straight. Thanks Dad! (But really, I'm a big girl now...)

5. Your favorite food: Orange chicken

6. Your dream from last night: I don't remember my one last night but I've been having really horrible nightmares lately! Two nights before last I had a dream where the world was post-apocalyptic like in I Am Legend, and you could go outside if you wanted to but everywhere you went had one of those plexiglass cubes that Will Smith has in his basement because the zombie things were everywhere, so you never got anywhere because you were always running into one of those cubes. Anyway, in the dream I just had all these repeating sequences of me running into the cubes but never being able to lock the door behind me because my fingers would be shaking too badly...but they never got to me or anything, I would just have repeating scenes of that same thing. So scary! This is why I don't watch scary movies! (I watched that movie about 3 weeks ago, for the record...)

6. Your favorite drink: Darjeeling tea with no milk and two Splendas. Mmm

7. Your dream/goal: Get into one of my top 10 grad schools for their English Doctoral Program. (Berkeley, U Chicago, Northwestern, NYU, Columbia, UCLA, Washington University, Stanford, Tufts, USC)

8. What room are you in: Dorm Room

9. What is your hobby: Can blogging be a hobby? I don't really have that "one" talent that I'm great at, like singing or knitting or playing an instrument. I like to work on publications I guess, which is more of a career path than a hobby but so be it.

10. What is your fear: Not getting into any grad schools and feeling that my four years at Williams were a waste of time, or having to choose between a great school/job and L.

11. Where do you want to be in 6 years: Just graduating with my Ph.D. in English and getting offered great jobs at great schools, married with a cute apartment or condo and an even cuter dog, and living somewhere that is NOT New England.

12. Where were you last night: Driving home from Boston! (Post on that coming soon!)

13. Something you are not: Patient. Ever. (I agree with Melissa on this one!)

14. Muffins: Lead to muffin-tops, and I can't eat them anyway cause of the South Beach Diet. Story of my life.

15. Wish list items: A labradoodle. A new pair of fuzzy warm Uggs.

16. Where did you grow up: California and New Hampshire.

17. Last thing you did: Got ice cream with C. because she went to the hospital for appendicitis today! (She's okay)

18. What are you wearing: L.'s sweatpants and a henley. And SOCKS, which I hate but it's freezing. Like 20 degrees.

19. Your TV: Is nonexistent, except for the one in the common room I suppose, which has a terrible glare.

20. Your pets: Two cats (Reese and Rufus) and a golden retriever named Abby but they all live in New Hampshire, and, alas, I do not.

21. Your friends: Supportive.

22. Your life: Surprisingly stable.

23. Your mood: Completely unable to concentrate on doing work. I've checked out five weeks into the semester...not a good sign.

24. Missing someone: My best friend (Big Relationship), who hopefully I'll be seeing in a couple weeks; my parents, who I will be seeing around the same time.

25. Vehicle: is giving me a LOT of trouble right now! But I still love her...white Ford Escape that drives like a knife through butter. Except when my power steering breaks and costs $850 to replace...

26. Something you're not wearing: Makeup.

27. Your favorite store: Express if we're talking jeans, American Eagle or Gap if we're talking otherwise, J. Crew if we're talking things I can't afford.

28. Your favorite color: Turquoise!

29. When's the last time you laughed: At cast is hilarious, and I love them.

30. When's the last time you cried: When L. and I went to see the Time Traveler's Wife. UGH.

31. Your best friend: Has been so since we were fourteen, and we have a lot of history, but even ending a five-year relationship hasn't come in the way of our friendship.

32. One place you go over and over: Sushi Thai. I'm so sick of thai food....

33. One person who emails me regularly: My Mum! I should share some of her chain emails sometime soon. New blog feature?

34. Favorite place to eat: The Cheesecake Factory! OR Fire + Ice, where I went this weekend with L. and Real-Life Dan Humphrey. More details on the Boston trip coming up...

Here are the six bloggers on whom I'd like to bestow this award:

oh hay, it's kk: Hilarious law school student living in Boston, whose blog makes me literally "lol."

pardon my french: This is one of my great friends, T., blogging about her adventures studying abroad in France this semester. A good deal about wine, food and French boys...what else could you want?

The Date Girl Diaries
: I am so invested in Date Girl's relationship with Match, which she recounts with wit, charm and of course, the glow of being in love.

A Cup of Jo: Who doesn't know Jo? She's only like, the household name in blogging. Nonetheless I just had to give her some love this week because of how happy all her wedding pictures have made me! Go look at them! Now!

Everyday Adventures of Me in the City: I think I'm partly obsessed with Jessica B.'s life in the city because she lives in Chicago, which may or may not be near the top of my list for the place I want to live while attending grad school. Also, she's hilarious!

Ramblings of a Fab Brunette: Fab Brunette is, well, fab! She bakes cupcakes, has an adorable daughter, and travels the world. Is there anything sweeter in life?


  1. Weird, I thought I left a comment yesterday, but now I don't see it. If I left two, sorry! Thanks for the award, and I'm going to post my answers today.

    I'm not sure how you can be sick of Thai food, it is amazing!! I hope you get into the grad school of your choice!

  2. Ah! I love your answers! I am glad there is someone else who is as impatient as me!

    Also- I was going to to tell you- you should totally start running!!!! I am going to post my training plan tomorrow, but I promise it does get easier. When I was training for my 12 K I would make myself run X amount in a day and I would refuse to get off the treadmill until I was done. I could walk if I needed to, but I could not stop...and slowly but surely my endurance built up and I am now a much better runner then I used to be.

  3. DG-- No but I get it like, twice a week, easy. Pad Thai and dynamite rolls twice a week really, really wears on you. Plus, when I go in to get my take-out, they know my name and sometimes they say "oh, we haven't seen you here in awhile" if it's been more than a week. That's bad haha.

    M- I knowwww that's really what I have to do! Maybe that will be my new goal and I'll blog about my progress haha. We should inspire each other!