Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Tis the be thinking about giving, not the things that I am selfishly obsessing about every day. And that's okay...I'm kind of a master gift-maker and picker-outer, as current and past boyfriends, my parents, friends, the mailman, etc. can attest. But just 'cause a girl's gotta give doesn't mean she still can't secretly fantasize about what's been occupying her thoughts lately (and then share it with all of you), right?

Thus, here is my Holiday 2009 Wishlist of Things I Will Most Likely Never Have Anytime Soon...But It's Fun to Dream About

1. My Goldendoodle Puppy Named George Eliot

It's no secret that with surprisingly rapidity lately, my biological desires to make babies have been being phased out by my mental desire to maintain a childless existence for many, many more years. However, this urge has not simply vanished or has manifested itself into puppies. I am obsessed with puppies the way most people are obsessed with babies. There's no way I can wait another year and a half until graduation to obtain one. I think I may have to get one on the fly and somehow keep it at my parents' house while I then focus my career and/or grad school search around finding a place to live which will allow George Eliot to remain in my life as my faithful companion.

2. iTrip So That I Can Stop Listening to the S
ame 5 CDs in My Car On Repeat

Anyone who drives with me knows the low-down when it comes to music in my car...I mean, besides the fact that I am DJ, all the time, and it's tough shit for everyone else. But other than that, the CD playing-system in my car, with my 6-disc changer, works like this: 5 very special-to-my-heart, tried-and-true CDs that will always have something for me on my three hour drives home from college...or half hour drives to anything resembling civilization outside Williamstown...will always reside in the first 5 slots of my CD changer. These CDs are referred to as the "Tenured Slots," and they cannot be moved around or taken out except to risk of great harm to whoever tries to move them around. However, I do allow some leeway on CD Slot Number 6, which is known as the Visiting Professor Slot. This slot can incorporate anything from C.'s or Real Life Dan Humphrey's penchant for Taylor Swift, to L.'s hip-hop that seems to be growing on me, to CDs I've made myself to try out but have a sneaking suspicion won't make it to tenure. It's a RARE, RARE case when a tenured slot gets retired to make room for a Visiting Professor slot that just really impressed me.

Anyways, this is the way music works in my car. But lately, I've simply been growing bored of my tenured CDs. And the FM adaptor I've had for four years only works if you plug it in, hold it at approximately a 40 degree angle, wind the cord around it once, hop up and down on one foot, knock three times, etc. etc.

Also, I .actually may or may not have bought this yesterday, no longer rendering it a Wishlist item, but more of a Recent Purchase. Oops.

3. Tall Uggs

I know that, if I were to obtain these beautiful, beautiful displays of perfect footwear, they'd be ruined in one week of harsh Williamstown winters replete with feet of snow, stubbornly persistent slush, and more salt than the ocean. But I DON'T CARE. They are lovely and since this is the first year I've ever owned a pair of skinny jeans, they're almost essential.

4. J. Crew Wool Duffle Coat in Camel

Okay, so while making a case that ANY of these items are "justified" would probably be tough, this one possibly could almost be considered to be so. I currently do my Castalina Bandolino cognac riding boots a disservice every time I pair them with my black North Face fleece, but at least it's considered New England College Chic. However, when the skirts and tights and flats come out, the North Face isn't going to cut it. Plus, this coat would bring out my brown eyes...and it's lined with Thinsulate! And it's pretty...and I love it...

5. A(nother) Haircut


6. A New Bathing Suit for L.'s and My Spring Break Trip to Hawaii

Except I'd want this Victoria's Secret Push Up Halter Top and Double-String Bottom suit in Jade, which is the most beautiful green I've ever seen and perfect for brunettes. Victoria's Secret has a flash player on their website so they wouldn't let me copy and paste the Jade suit. Boo. Check it out!

Maybe I'll send L. the link to this post before Christmas...he he he.

What is everyone else salivating over this holiday season?


  1. Is George Elliot going to be a boy or a girl? English nerd alert :)

  2. I <3 the George Eliot idea - precious!

    A warning about the VS push-up halter: I bought one for the summer, thinking "What a perfect idea! A push-up bathing suit that doesn't look like you're wearing a Miracle Bra and a bathing suit bottom!"

    But basically it consists of a normal VS halter top with these oddular little pads on the sides. And on me, it ended up looking as if I had two strange tumors near my armpits...there was very little (okay, more like absolutely zero) "pushing up." If you've had one before and it looked good, go for it...but I'll try to save you the 400 babillion dollars that VS will charge you in shipping and sending back!

  3. George Eliot would most definitely be a girl, but maybe not so much for the fact that I would enjoy paying tribute to Mary Ann Evans's true gender, but girl dogs are SO MUCH easier to deal with than males.

    Also, thanks for the heads up about the VS halter! One thing I did like about it was that it said the padding was removable? Is that definitely the case? I'd probably do that cause I don't really need the lift...haha!