Friday, June 11, 2010

Shameless Promoting, Sleepovers, and Stomachaches

That's right, this post is chock full of s-alliteration goodness. Let's get right down to it.

The shameless promoting comes in the form of me regaling you guys with C.'s and my trip to Hartford last Tuesday night, where we went to Up or On the Rocks, aka sketchiest bar ever, to see our fellow Williams boys Darlingside represent. I've posted about Darlingside before, in case you missed it. But guys. The reason I love them so much isn't even that all five of them happen to be Williams graduates, nor that all five of them happen to be alums of the Octet, L.'s a cappella group, in which he is president. They are seriously a GREAT band. They can't not get famous. (Yes, I used a double negative. So sue me.) Here's a list of the instruments they use to do their thang: vocals (obvi., being a cappella boys, there's LOTS of delish harmonies), violin, mandolin, saz (I'm not actually sure what that is), electric guitar, acoustic guitar, electric/acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drums, pennywhistle, cello, electric cello. I think sometime's there's even a tambourine. Yep, that's a total of 12 instruments for 5 boys. Don't even worry about it-- I told you, they're great.

This last week was an exciting one for them, as it was the release of their first self-produced EP! Hooray! So C. and I were very excited to share in the joy with them. And it's a good thing we were, since apparently no one really goes out in Hartford on Tuesday nights to see bands play. But C. and I held down the house in the sketchiest of all sketchy bars, and clapped and cheered and supported our boys. (It helps that they're all super cute.)

One of my favorite songs from their new EP is called "The Catbird Seat." You can watch it live below, or listen to it not-live on their myspace page. (I know--does anyone even use myspace anymore?)

Cuties, huh? That's Auyon playing the violin, and Dave is singing with that sexy John-Mayer esque voice, and Don is rockin that acoustic. Harris is on the far right with his electric cello, and you can also just kind of see Sam in the back, holding down the drums. Love them!

Even though C. and I are grownups, meaning that I stay in the guest room when I visit her, my visit to see her in Connecticut from Tuesday til Thursday was very middle-school slumber party throwback, complete with eating too much ice cream and (me) suffering from an excruciating stomachache all night. Not good times. In between trips to go lay on the cold bathroom floor and cry, however, C. and I had fun facebook-stalking the Darlingside boys post-show, and giggling. What more could you ask for for any grown-up slumber party? Our biggest regret was that we didn't offer the band to come stay the night at her house before their big gig in Block Island the next day...because we all know sleepovers get more fun when you're older and you say "YES boys allowed."

C. and I also saw Sex and the City, and I have to say while it certainly wasn't as excruciating to sit through as my stomachache, it wasn't good either. Since I am a die-hard fan of the show (read: I can quote every episode pretty much), I just try to separate the two. The show's ending was perfect, and the movies clearly muck that up a little. So I kind of just pretend the movies are a separate entity, with the same characters. Yeah, I'm weird.

Today is a long day of packing and organizing, which I secretly love, and then my dad and I are hitting some balls at the driving range (he wants to get ice cream too, but my stomach would probably jump out of my body if I tried to eat it again after Wednesday) and then L. flies back in tonight (eeek!) We both start our internships (mine at the art museum, his on his science thesis research) on Monday at 9 am sharp, but because Williams can sometimes be dumber than a doorknob, the dorms don't open until Monday at 2pm. Luckily we turned a shitshow situation into a quality evening for two, complete with dinner, drinks, and swanky hotel. L. made the reservations and won't even tell me where they are! But I have an idea. I'm so excited-- pictures for sure!

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm happy to say that since I'll be doing the whole 9-to-5 thing for the rest of the summer, my posting should be a LOT more regular. Because, really, why have a blog if NOT to fill up the time at work?


  1. "So I kind of just pretend the movies are a separate entity, with the same characters. Yeah, I'm weird."

    You're not weird at all. That's the best idea/description of how to fix this I've heard!!

  2. I didn't mind the movies...they entertained me. I'm a sucker for the clothes...but nothing will ever be able to capture the magic of those 6 seasons!

  3. I am a secret lover of packing and organizing days as well! Hope it was a good one!


    Hannah Katy