Thursday, December 23, 2010


Life is good. I'm nestled comfortably at home, sipping on hot chocolate from the Keurig and nibbling a Lindt chocolate sampler, and since I'm feeling just so holly-jolly I thought it was the perfect time to share with you my afternoon a couple weeks ago with the Reindogs, especially since my own little Reindog, Abby, is snoring peacefully at my feet.

What's a Reindog, you ask? Well, obviously it's a dog dressed up like a reindeer. And Williamstown, being the tiny, weird, quirky, Stars Hollow (anyone get the reference? anyone?) town that it is, holds an annual Reindog parade every year, where anyone in town who has a dog can dress him or her up like a reindeer and march in the parade that goes down Spring Street, our only commercial street. There's also little kids, but I don't like them as much, and they definitely weren't as cute as the dogs.

This year, I got to be an elf, which essentially means I got to pass out candy canes to all the little kids along the parade route (well, that and being Santa's right hand man, obvi.), but the best part of the job was getting to judge the Reindogs and pick the winners!

YOU GUYS. There was a red wagon full of tiny Golden Retriever puppies! I think my heart literally exploded. There is NOTHING in this world cuter than a red wagon full of tiny Golden Retriever puppies.

This is who we picked to win for Best Temperament. She was so quiet and sweet! Love her.

All the Reindogs assembled on the steps of Chapin Hall on campus. Can you spot me? Hint: I'm dressed like Santa and wearing fantastic riding boots.

This is Caleb, the defending champion. I thought he should have won again and wanted to give him the prize, but Santa felt like "another dog deserved to win." Needless to say, I was outraged at the politics involved in the Reindog judging. Caleb was CLEARLY the most convincing Reindog. I felt like he was going to take off any minute.

FUTURE DOG ALERT. When we graduate in June, L. and I are getting a yellow Labradoodle. Well, I'M getting a yellow Labradoodle. L. is getting a black Labradoodle or a black Standard Poodle. They're going to be best friends.

I told you I live in Stars Hollow.

I can't even post any more. I am literally dying, they are so cute. There's my other potential future dog, over on the left.

Oh, and all images via, in case you couldn't tell by the giant watermarks that clearly indicate "don't steal these pictures and put them on your blog." Oh well.


  1. I love this!! I would totally dress up monkey and join in the reindeer games! ;-) I'm with you, I want a standard poodle, or a golden doodle. Ever since Match's parents got a standard poodle I've fallen in love. No dog hair mess! Goldens are really mellow, so if I could have the best of both worlds that'd be amazing.
    Hope you enjoy your christmad holiday lady!

  2. Thanks DG! I hope you have a wonderful first married Christmas with Match! I actually want a Goldendoodle too (and I think the picture is actually of a Goldendoodle) but no one seems to know what they are so I usually say labradoodle. I also want to rescue, though, and I'm worried it will be hard to find a "designer" breed at the shelter. We'll see!!

  3. Awwwww, so darn sweet! Do they reinkitties? HA!