Sunday, March 13, 2011

Friday Night Sushi

L. and I probably go to Sushi Thai Garden, one of about three restaurants within walking distance of campus (that aren't sandwich/lunch shops...yes, it does get very old, especially when you don't like Indian food, like me!), once a week.

Here's a funny local hint: Students call it Sushi Thai, and professors call it Thai Garden, but nobody calls it "Sushi Thai Garden." It would sound foolish.

I've never been a huge fan of sushi--I don' t like seafood! Have I told you guys that before?--but L. loves to order Dynamite Rolls, and I can actually eat two or three before I start to remember that I'm eating seafood, taste the seafood, and feel sick.

That's progress.

Sorry these pictures aren't great. I always feel really strange using a flash in the middle of a nice restaurant! Oh, the amazing meals I have neglected to share with you guys because of the flash problem.

My chicken dish, which is what I eat when I realize I don't like eating seafood.

This weekend, I bought two incredible trench coats from the Gap outlet. I've been dying for a staple, khaki, long trench for years, and had been stalking $100 versions at Victoria's Secret and Gap. This weekend I decided to make the hour-there, hour-back commute to the outlets to see what they had, and sure enough, amazing trenches in khaki AND black awaited me. PLUS, being the queen of discounts that I am, I got them each for...are you ready? $34. $34!!! That was the discounted outlet price on top of my AAA discount. Do you guys ask for that? If you have a AAA card, lots of outlet chains will honor a 10% discount just for flashing it! Definitely try it.

The coats are a dream. They're stylish, lightweight, and perfect for LA weather! And the night I bought them it was about 50 degrees, with a warm(ish) breeze blowing and the snow melting. Spring was springing. I was so excited that I'd get to wear my new coats almost immediately.

Today, it is snowing. Again. New England FAIL. Thank god I'm leaving for LA on Friday morning...


  1. I don't like seafood either, at ALL. But now through a few years of training, I have started to like sushi. I think you'll get there too. I don't even dislike it once I remember it's seafood!

    Anyway I was going to comment and say - just crank the setting called ISO super high up on your camera (as in, make the number bigger). The photos will be grainy but you can do that in a dark room when you don't want to use flash. Even a point and shoot camera has an ISO setting, sometimes the choices are "HI" and "Auto", or if you go into manual mode, there's a whole range of numbers, from like 100 - 1600. Just play around with that a bit! :)

  2. Oh goodness, I love sushi. But then you chicken dish looks delicious too, I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for any Asian food, raw or cooked.

    So exciting about trench coats! I bet those will be perfect for LA weather. I can't believe it's snowing up there again! You have to be so ready for some California sunshine. :)

  3. Seriously, you can use the Triple A discount on clothes? Very good to know! Oh girl, I cannot believe you don't like sushi. It is so so good. What about the delicious deep fried rolls or rolls without fish in them? They are all so yummy.
    California is excited to have you soon! :-)

  4. You are a great gf for going for sushi so often, when you don't even like it!

    And two trench coats for under $100?! I wanna see them!!! Aren't outlets the best?