Wednesday, February 9, 2011

22nd Birthday Dinner

The birthday dinner post is just a tad (okay, 2 weeks) late, I know. But for some reason, posting things out of order really stresses me out, so I needed to write this post before I could tell you all about my lovely trip to Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. And Super Bowl excitement and starting classes again got in the way of everything, as well.So, without further ado. My birthday dinner celebration was wonderful, and greatly in part to L., who always goes out of his way to throw the best parties for me. I had my own little birthday throne at the head of our 20 (!) person table, with decorations L. had set up before I got there:

The mastermind party-planner, himself (he wore his glasses just for me, even though he hates to!):

But the best part of the night, which you can sort of see in the picture above, was the surprise Green Bay Packers birthday cake that L. had made for me! It made my entire night, and the pieces our server cut, as you can see, were HUGE. I didn't get to take a picture of the whole thing before they took it away to cut it, but here was my slice (I enlisted the help of four of my friends to finish it):

Best birthday cake ever.

For dinner, I ordered a huge burger with cheddar cheese, sprouts, tomato, lettuce, bacon, avocado, and garlic aioli. It's what I get every time we go to the Purple Pub in Williamstown (when I'm letting myself indulge, at least!) It's DELICIOUS.

Thank you, L. and all my friends, for such a wonderful birthday! A laid-back dinner and a huge piece of green and yellow cake was just what I needed.


  1. that cake looks AMAZING! that was really sweet of your guy to throw you such a fun party, and it sounds like you had a great turnout too! can't wait to see your pics from Santa Barbara!

  2. Happy Belated birthday!!! That cake looks to die for! I would have eaten the whole thing myself :)

  3. lol, I thought I was the only one who stressed when I post out of order. Great job L! That cake looks delicious. I love that you're a burger girl. I'm with you, nothing quite like a big juicy burger, at least once in awhile!

  4. Happy B-Day Desires & their execution! And I hope you had fries with that :)

  5. That cake is incredible - even if it is GBP! Hehe! So glad you had a wonderful birthday!