Monday, February 14, 2011

Haters gonna hate

Writing this post is giving me a lot of anxiety because I haven't posted about my California trip yet here I am posting about things in the present and the order is all messed up (does anyone else besides me and Date Girl have that?!), but I couldn't resist putting up a little note on Valentines Day to 1. wish all of my lovely readers a very happy day! and 2. express a small point of irritation.

I'm just going to put it out there and say that the people who are SO militantly against Valentine's Day are oftentimes MORE obnoxious than the happy-go-lucky celebrators who still break out the doilies and glitter glue and send cards to everyone and their mom (literally). And please take note that I did not say "the single people" and "the couples," because it doesn't have to be like that! I'll be the first to say that the holier-than-thou couples who find uncoupled people to be of a lesser humanity are definitely just as annoying as the self-righteous "I don't believe in Valentine's Day because it's only beneficial to the Hallmark company," but guess what?

Don't buy a card from Hallmark then!

I have never once bought a card for anyone to whom I've given something on Valentine's Day; I spent about three hours yesterday making L.'s present (can't share it yet because he'll peek!) and zero percent of it is store-bought. And of course, I show my love for him (and my mum, and my best friends, and my family...etc) every other day of the year, but why not do it today, too? Sure, Valentine's Day may not have the mooshy moony origins that we all were taught it does as kids, about St. Valentine marrying secret couples, or maybe it does, after all. My point is, WHO CARES? That's how we celebrate it today, and we don't need to discount our current holidays based on a history lesson. If we do, might as well toss out the wrapping paper, Christmas trees, and Easter eggs and call it a day. Basically, your resistance doesn't make you "oh-so-cool" and "anti-mainstream." It sort of just makes you annoying and a grinch.

Anyways, by dwelling on the negativity I am giving power to those who for whatever reason like to wage war on the day, and that is not what I want--it's the opposite. So, happy Valentine's Day to all of you, who I love and appreciate every day, and also today.

(I also realize someone could say that writing this from the pov of someone in a loving relationship who is looking forward to celebrating with her significant other later tonight could be a major caveat, but I can assure you I would feel the same way if I were single.)

Have a wonderful day, everyone! Updates with what I made for L., including a hilarious Photoshop card (if I do say so myself) soon!


  1. I definitely don't complain about V-Day, but there always seems to be a bunch of nay-sayers! This year, I actually had a lot of fun custom-designing a card for my love at :)
    I hope you and your boy have a happy one!!

  2. I'm with you. I would say it makes the complainers main stream, since lots of people like to whine about "Single Awareness Day". I've never been a huge Vday fan, but that's mostly because I've never had a truly great Valentine's Day. Still, I don't whine and mope about it like so many do. I am hoping to have a belated Valentine's celebration this weekend with Match to make up for it though. Vdays on Mondays are rough! I'm excited to see what you came up with for L! :-)