Thursday, April 7, 2011

cambria estate winery

I promise that my spring break trip wasn't all interviews and meetings! (It sure felt like it sometimes, though!) One rainy Saturday, L., his parents and I took a fun trip up north to Santa Maria to go wine tasting at Cambria Estate Winery.

They're known primarily for their Chardonnays and their Pinot Noirs, and honestly I'm not a huge fan of either! (I like citrusy, fruity white wines that are a little less oakey than Chardonnays, and I'm not a HUGE red wine drinker, though I'm working on it!)

Of course, that was the perfect reason to do a tasting, so I could try all sorts of different wines that I wouldn't normally order for fear of wasting them! L.'s parents are members, and besides for getting bottles of wine shipped to their house monthly (jealous), they also get to come tasting anytime and bring guests for free.

Guess we all know what L. and I will be spending our weekends doing once we move to LA!

My favorite by far was the Riesling I tried, and L.'s parents were nice enough to buy me a bottle, which we promptly opened the next night when L.'s mom and I cooked up a delicious Tuscan white bean pureed soup. Mmm. I definitely never fail to eat well when I stay with L.'s family, that's for sure!

Cambria was also recently featured on the Bachelor! Jealous they weren't shooting when we were there...sigh.

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  1. So jealous! This is on my bucket list!

  2. I didn't know it was featured on The Bachelor. My stepdaughter was named Cambryn after that place. My husband and his ex were traveling through there while she was pregnant, I believe, and he loved the place so much, he named his daughter after it.

  3. I always eat so well when we visit Match's family too. I think that's why I gained so much weight in 09 when we spent almost every weekend at their house. ;-)

    Yum, a good dessert wine is always fun. For chardonnays, you need to find a nice buttery Chard. Those will turn you in a heartbeat. But they are always better with food. When it comes to tasting, I'm a big fan of Pinot Gris and Sav Blancs. Isn't wine tasting fun? I miss it. You're motivating me to make a trip to Sonoma County soon.

  4. so fun!! my wine palette basically matches yours. so far i have yet to try a chardonnay i can drink. pinot grigios - eh...
    moscatos + rieslings... yum!
    looks like a beautiful winery. that's so convenient that L's parents can get you into free tastings!