Sunday, April 17, 2011

what if i told you...

...that Ari Gold could potentially be my boss next year?

Okay, so not really Ari Gold, [since, you know, he's not real and all] but I think you can connect the dots and get my general insinuation. I can't really spell it out more than that.

(But if it really were really Ari Gold? How amazing would that be?)

Exciting? Nerve-wracking? Terrifying? Is there enough anti-anxiety medication in the world for this? All of the above?

(I don't actually take anti-anxiety medication, fyi. But as someone who has panic attacks every time she flies, can't sleep in the dark, can't sleep near a mirror, can't sleep with the door open, can't see a spider without crying, and can't be in a room full of people without feeling completely overwhelmed, I wonder if that should be changed.)

(I also can't handle non-verb agreement, misused punctuation, misspelling, and txtspk, but that's another issue. Non-capitalization in informal settings, i.e. AIM messages, used to really get me too, but as you can tell from my post titles I've realized that it can be stylistic even in its severe wrongness.)

Nothing's for sure yet on the job front, but let's just say I'm going to have some tough decisions to make soon.


  1. @Stephany: Haha I wish I could just spell it out but I made myself a rule not to use any company or people's names on here. Could be exciting...

  2. I can't handle text speak either! I also hate it when people misuse your and you're. YOUR means YOUR. You're means YOU ARE. Ross said it best! :-)

    That would be exciting if you get the job, provided that you enjoy it of course. It would make for some excellent blog fodder.