Sunday, June 26, 2011

what will i do with my life? (besides, you know, blog...)

Friday marked one week of us living in LA (it still feels weird to type/say that!) and tomorrow is L.'s first day of work. Since this little bird is still going on interviews and waiting to hear back from a few places, I officially feel like I have no idea what I will do with myself once he's at work all day. I mean, aside from vacuuming the apartment and doing the dishes and the laundry and returning broken things to West Elm and returning jeans to Old Navy and getting a haircut (god do I need one) and cleaning/dusting and getting the car a smog check and registering my license in California and grocery shopping and cooking dinner. Yes, there are all those things to do. But I wonder when my honeymoon with LA is going to wind down and the reality that I moved across the country, am currently unemployed, and have lots of money going out but absolutely zero coming in (for the first time since I was 14, when I got my first job) is going to set in. Am I completely pumped about my new life? Absolutely. Making homemade turkey burgers (recipe soon!), getting Pinkberry at night, basking in sunshine all day and having a pool 30 feet's wonderful. But I'm not sure it will be enough to keep me from getting anxious if I don't start making money or find something meaningful with which to occupy my time soon. At least you guys can expect lots of blog posts from me! Starting with graduation, next.


  1. Get your own domain and start making some side money with the blog! :-) That's what I do to keep busy. Email me for the deets if you're interested. Good luck on your interviews! You'd be amazed on all the stuff you'll manage to get done during your down time. Take advantage of it girl!!

  2. pretty please share some LA pics soon!!! and i can't wait to hear how your roadtrip was out there. i'm getting so pumped to do the drive!!!

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