Thursday, June 30, 2011

senior week and graduation

It's taken me awhile to post these pictures and write this post, partly because I've been so focused on my move, but also partly because I was afraid posting them would make me very, very sad. I do NOT do well with change--well, sort of. I dread it more than most normal people and work myself up into a mess, but then two or three days later I am usually 100% adjusted, while most people might not get so upset in the first place, but then need more time to move on. Interestingly, that didn't quite happen with graduating--which makes me fear that I just haven't dealt with it correctly and it's going to rear its ugly head at an inopportune time (which it basically already did, in the middle of Arizona, when I started sobbing in the car and told L. I wanted to go back home to Boston and that I felt horrible leaving my parents and moving 3,000 miles away). But still, that was home-specific, not Williams-specific.

I didn't feel teary or apprehensive at all during Senior Week-- it was just tons of fun with my favorite people in the world:

There was the Mt. Hope dinner dance and tent party.

Mt. Hope is a giant mansion the College owns, and every Senior Week a dinner dance and a champagne brunch the following morning are hosted there.

Of course, even though we were on the lawn of an enormous mansion, we had to go pee in port-a-potties hidden in the bushes. Typical.

Later in the week, we had another tent mingling event...

where joyful selfies were necessary.

Friday night, L., the guys in our suite, and I hosted a cookout on our balcony for all of our families. It was the first time my parents and L.'s parents had met!

Bestie Paloma.

One of the cutest pictures ever. My mom is not a huge fan of "pictures on the internet" so we'll see if this one stays!

After the cookout was our last party all together (aptly named Last Chance).

The night before graduation, my dad and my brother took us all out for drinks at the pub and the Red Herring, our two college bars. It was so great to see all my friends bond with my family.

There are so many graduation pictures to sort though that I think those are going to go on a separate post of their own, to follow this one. So, for now, to be continued...


  1. A champagne brunch? We didn't get one of those! Awesome!

  2. Aww! I remember my senior week! It's such a bittersweet time. It looks like you made so many great memories to end the year!

  3. this sounds incredible, how AMAZING of your school to throw such a fun bash! i hope you're still doing well in CA, i am definitely going to be stalking your blog a lot more to see what you're up to in LA! ;)

  4. Looks like loads of fun! Aww, sorry you got sad, but I'm glad you bounce back quickly. I thought for some reason that your parents still lived on the West Coast. I didn't realize they were on the East Coast now? Hope you're adjusting to Cali life well!