Friday, May 7, 2010

Fun Between Finals

That time is upon us. Or at least me. And some of my fellow bloggers currently suffering through engaged in the process of higher learning. L. and I like to fight about who has it worse--me, being an English major with a pre-law concentration, having no real exams (except for my Con Law final...curse you Prof C.) but a million (okay, seven) papers, or L. having no papers but four big, fat, ugly science exams. I personally think the boy has it a little worse, but that's just because paper-writing is my greatest skill in life, and the idea of upper-level chemistry exams is about as appealing to me as getting hydrochloric acid poured all over me. (I tried to stay with the Chem imagery. Clearly.)

Now that I've handed off another collection of Michelle's Prattlings on Con Law (in this case, whether legislators and judges belong on our bedrooms and hospital rooms) to Prof C today, I have an approximately two-day break before my next doozie is due: a ten-pager on a Renaissance play. And no, friends, it's not Shakespeare. Cause that would be easy.

I'd like to try to have some fun in this gorgeous weather in between these two bookends of doom, aka final papers. Tonight is C.'s final a cappella concert of the year (and if you're wondering if all my friends sing a cappella...well, the answer is pretty much yes. It's kind of a big deal here at Williams). L. is also doing some singing this weekend--he's involved in a musical theatre revue that opened last night called "Moving Too Fast" about the joys of childhood and the pains of growing up. It was actually quite good--there were songs from You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, Spring Awakening, Wicked, Hair, A Chorus Line, and some other great shows. So when L.'s not busy "dancing through life" (anyone get the reference? That's the song he sings in the show), I'm hoping we can sleep in tomorrow, go to a bbq, and maybe bring a blanket outside to do all our end-of-the-semester work.

The weather has been BEAUTIFUL here in W-town, which is a pretty big deal since it generally snows until the end of April. But with beautiful weather comes hot rooms...and with hot rooms comes open windows...and with open windows come creepy crawly THINGS and then I freak out. Case in point: the other night L. and I were laying in his bed enjoying a quality episode of Gossip Girl, when all of a sudden I noticed about 10 fly-like things moving around on the ceiling. I freaked out and forced him to kill them all. This all comes after I've been waking up with these little red bites all over, so I'm convinced there are bedbugs afoot. Oh, and then the next night I picked a t-shirt up off the ground only to discover a brown, multi-legged, worm-type-thing stuck to it, so I cried for awhile and made L. take it away.

On second thought W-town, I wouldn't mind if you stayed cooler a little longer. Kisses, Michelle.


  1. Amen to the bugs! I killed like 3 spiders yesterday. They were small...but I am sure there is more...and I am sure they are going to grow into BIG spiders by the end of the summer. Then I will be too scared to kill them.

    Good luck on finals! What are you plans for the summer?

  2. I would take papers over tests any day! Papers are so much easier to write, even the long ones. Tests require so much brain power! LOL.

    Good luck with your finals!

  3. Melissa-- UGH I read about that! I would have been paralyzed with fear and cried. Straight-up phobia.

    Stephany-- Me too for sure, but there's something to be said for just being naturally good at test-taking and acing them all...damn L. and those like him! ;)

  4. I was a bio major in college so I'm all about the tests. I'm TERRIBLE at writing papers. But then again, I was also terrible at taking tests. I'm just happy to be done with school for now at least. I do miss breaks though...and not having to work 40 hours a week. Sighhh. Good luck with all your papers!