Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Paloma's Jewelery

My friend P. makes the best jewelery. No lie. She's from Bolivia, so she gets real, quality, brand-name materials on the cheap for wayy less than they retail in the US, and she has great taste. Our freshman year, she made me the cutest pearl dangle earrings with a little gold feather hanging from the bottom. This year, as a belated birthday gift, she made me these gorgeous crystal-drop earrings:

Aren't they beautiful? And those are real, bona-fide Swarovski crystals. Pretty swanktastic, huh?

Aaaand, you guys are in luck. I've convinced P. that her talents are too numerous not to hone, so she's opened her own etsy shop to sell her handmade jewelery! She's still working on creating some one-of-a-kind pieces for the shop but it will be opening soon, and she and I are going to work together to bring you guys what will be my very first giveaway, so stay tuned for that! You don't want to miss out on getting Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls to the tune of only $20 or so!


  1. So excited!!!! Although I never win giveaways despite my insistent on entering them all. (where is my Pioneer Women cherry red kitchinaid mixer damn-it!

  2. Oooh, a giveaway! I'm excited! Those earrings are absolutely beautiful!

  3. Melissa-- I think that mixer was MADE for you/your kitchen.

    Stephany-- I loveee them. So glad you guys are excited! I'll have to tell P. to get busy making some jewelery!

  4. Those earrings are so pretty! Love your blog.

  5. That girl has some talent!! I have a lot of friends who make jewelry but it's nothing like this!! Can't wait to enter the giveaway... I need me a pair of those!! :-)

  6. Krysten-- Thanks so much! I just stopped by to peek in on you--loveee you layout/blog design! Your wedding pictures are beautiful!!!

    Jen-- She REALLY does, huh? Those are the simplest things she makes, too! She also uses beads and bends wires and things like that. She just made a whole bunch of new ones so fingers crossed that the giveaway should be soon--make sure to check back!