Friday, July 9, 2010

Short Week Plans

I have something to say.

My name is Michelle.

And I love short weeks.

Despite the fact that this four day week seemed to take longer than most normal weeks, it has two fantastic endcaps-- the Fourth was a great weekend, and this weekend L. and I have fun plans to head to New Jersey for a friend's annual Preppy Pool Party.

That's right. A Preppy Pool Party.Let's keep in mind, before you laugh at me, that a. Said friend is actually a very well-respected and successful Williams alum laywer in NYC. And sometimes he just needs to cut loose. b. His house is in Princeton and is a mansion. How could we say no to that? and c. Well. It's just going to be awesome.

We have a four hour drive from Williamstown to New Jersey that we were going to make early tomorrow morning. BUT. Sneaky sneaky as I am, I'm hatching a brilliant idea to drive down to Mohegan Sun in CT TONIGHT, stay there, and then leave for New Jersey tomorrow morning. How amazing would that be? Let's see if L. goes for it. (Plus, sleeping in an air-conditioned room would be SO luxurious I can't even begin to imagine.)
Like I said, those were two fun endcaps to this short week. But the week itself hasn't been bad, either. Since we had the day off, on Monday L. and I decided to celebrate summer in the most quintessential way we knew how:

If you're thinking like I was hoping thinking, you are guessing we took a little trip to the beach...

However, you would be wrong:

That's right. Because I am the best girlfriend in the world, (and also because I have very few other friends this summer and didn't want to be alone), I accompanied L. on one of his favorite things to do in the whole world and went golfing with him on Monday. Now, I'm not a terrible golfer. I'm not great, by ANY means, but I can hit my way through a course. However, it wouldn't be fun, and it wouldn't be pretty. So I decided to be a good girlfriend and walk the course with my man while he did his thang.
And for the first couple holes, it was really cute and fun. I excitedly took pictures of L.'s flawless form and whipped out my sports photography/journalism skills to get some action shots:

(Can you spy the ball?)

(PS. Check out the creeper checking out L.)

But, alas. A girlfriend can only be so good. After all, it was over 90 degrees Monday. And the heat index was near 100. And I was walking the course barefoot because my sandals were giving me too much resistance in the grass. (The old golfers were shocked by my carefree, barefoot ways). And, I mean. It was GOLF.

So then I turned to something that we all love a little more than golf: house stalking.

There are some beautiful houses on the golf course. MANY of them beautiful enough that I would take the hit of living in Williamstown after graduation, IF I could live in one of these houses.

Exhibit A:


When can we move in?

Look at that porch!

I think I'm in love.

But then something else caught my attention...

In the words of my homegirl Carrie Bradshaw, "Hello, lover."

There aren't many things I'll miss about New England after I leave (okay, that's not true--there's more than I let on), but big, white Cap Cod style houses with black shutters and white picket fences are definitely one of them. I don't think houses like this exist in LA.

After L.'s round, and after I proceeded to get the WORST SUNBURN probably ever, with a really awkward scoop-neck tanline that I'm now sporting, L. and I sought out the solace of the AC in the clubhouse and ordered drinks. All I wanted was Pimm's, which of course the clubhouse didn't have, so I settled for a gin and lemonade with fresh fruit. The bartender thought it was weird, but guys? Best drink ever. It was SO refreshing. It's my new summer drink.

In fact, Rachel and I made a big pitcher of it last night after we attended the premiere of Justin's play, but that's a whole other post that I'll get up after this weekend. For now, it's Operation Convince L. That We Really Need to Spend the Night at Mohegan Sun.

Have a great weekend!!! Anyone have fun plans?


  1. Ooh I hope you went to Mohegan! Such a fun place. That pool party sounds out of control! Have a good time and I hope you'll share pictures!

  2. I wish every week was a short week! Hope you had a fab weekend and I'll take one of those little cribs please. HA!