Monday, July 26, 2010


How funny! Emily, from Cupcakes and Cashmere, just posted her most recent outfit recap...and she was wearing the same striped H&M top I got in Boston last weekend! Here it is again for reference:

No doubt Emily wears it better; I would snag a pic and link to her outfit post (okay, I'll link it), but I won't repost a picture right up next to mine because then it will turn into one of those People magazine "Who Wore it Better?" features and frankly, I wouldn't stand a chance against Emily. Oh, and Rachael commented on my Boston post to let me know that she had just bought the top, too! I guess I picked a goodie. Rachael, I'd love to know how you wore it. I paired it with a gold necklace that my best friend C. bought me for my birthday, white shorts from Old Navy, and silver strappy sandals. Emily paired it with jean shorts, gold necklaces (it works so well with the nautical look), an awesome green military-inspired jacket, and killer platforms. Typical: the East Coast girl plays it safe and nautical-preppy, and the West Coast girl makes it stylish and bold. I really can't wait to get out there!!!

Update: Rachael commented and said that she wore her top with black opaque tights, a black skirt with braces from Urban Outfitters and black flats. (She says she thinks it was boring and necessitated by the bad weather, but I think it sounds oh-so-chic!) Rachael's from the UK, so now we've seen how three girls in three very different parts of the world wore this one top, and you can totally see how our locations influenced us. Is it just me who thinks that is so cool?

And, Chelsea commented to say she owns it too, and wore it with jean shorts, black opaque tights, oxfords, and a gold owl necklace. So she sort of combined elements of Emily and Rachael's outfits. And the gold necklaces seem to be a constant.

I love seeing one top do so many different things! And getting validation from a true style icon that my own isn't too bad ;)


  1. Hi again Michelle! I wore mine with black opaque tights, a black skirt with braces from Urban Outfitters and black flats. A little boring admittedly :D but the weather is terrible over here at the moment! I love the sound of the way you wore the H&M top however, I didn't consider gold with it so I shall have to dig out a necklace. Also, Emily's way is very pretty - I want her shoes!x

  2. I have that top too! haha. I wore mine with jean shorts, black opaque tights, and oxfords the last time i wore it! and a gold owl necklace :)

  3. Cute top! I think you wore it well! A top like that is so versatile!

  4. Chelsea, so funny! I can't believe how popular this top is. Or maybe all clothes are like this, but no one blogs about them and therefore finds out who else bought them? Hmm.