Tuesday, May 17, 2011

earning my vacation

I woke up this morning at 9:00am. An hour later than the 8:00am alarm I had set to ensure I got to work on time.

Then I woke up my computer and tried to read my email, to discover that the Williams network had found a few trojans on my brand-new computer, and had quarantined me. No network access, no email, no internet. Oh, and no access to the tons of pdfs, Google books, etc. I need to complete my 25-page research paper due this week. Ran a scan, nothing showed up, but I was still quarantined. Had to bring it to the tech help desk and leave it there.

Blogger has still not restored all my comments.

Ran to my 11:00am meeting with a prof, for which she did not show up.

Went to the library to print a thesis copyright form (so weird that I have copyright over something!) and had my advisor sign it, but had forgotten to print it on the acid-free paper. Will have to scan it in and re-print it.

Brought almost $300 worth of books to the bookstore to sell back; got $43 for them.

It's rainy. It's rained for the last five days.

I am horribly bloated and therefore have no idea if I will fit into my shorts in Hilton Head, even though I've been working hard and dieting.

...The universe is really, really making me work for my vacation!

Challenge accepted. Three days!!

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  1. Did you SEE Monday's How I Met Your Mother?! Challenge Accepted! I was over the moon.

    I'm sorry you're having a rough go of it. Just remember you'll almost there! WOOHOO!