Friday, May 20, 2011

highest honors

Yesterday morning was a lovefest. It started when I got an email from the English department administrative head which contained my thesis evaluation. It was possible to have gotten no honors, honors, or highest honors. I was absolutely shocked and humbled to learn that I had been awarded highest honors on my thesis! Lots of years go by when no one gets this, and so it was truly one of the greatest moments of my academic career. The lovefest came in with the multiple emails and calls from my parents, friends and professors who just made me feel so great and helped me to see that I just absolutely need to go to grad school, because I love this so much! And apparently I'm not too bad at it.

With that happy news, friends, I am off to Hilton Head! We're leaving at 7pm tonight and driving through the night to arrive down there at noon. Sort of scary but there's 8 of us and two cars so I think we'll be okay.

And hey, if the world does end on Saturday...well, I will be on a beach, with all my best friends, having just finished college, with no cares in the world. Not a bad way to have it all go down.

Have a great weekend! Any beach trips in your future? xo


  1. Congrats! Have a great trip.

  2. Highest honors!! So proud of you, congrats, that is awesome. You definitely earned it. Now have a great time celebrating. You're right, not a bad way to go out if it all comes to an end, ha.

    I'm hoping for some more beach trips soon. Definitely in August on our annual Carmel trip but I'm hoping before then too!

  3. Aww that's amazing Michelle, congratulations!!!! What an honor.

    That is seriously the perfect send off for your vacation. I hope you have a great time in Hilton Head!

  4. Congratulations! What fantastic news :)