Wednesday, July 13, 2011

fourth of july (better late than never!)

This post is so ridiculously late, but what are you gonna do? L. and I went to Santa Barbara on Fourth of July weekend for his graduation party on Saturday and wine tasting on Sunday--- the latter deserves its own post (if only for Solvang alone. You'll see.) But then Monday we rushed back to LA (we still haven't had a full weekend in LA without either having guests, aka L.'s parents, or going on a trip!) to see fireworks. We went down to Culver City and it felt delightfully suburban, almost like being back in New Hampshire.


(Who knew I would miss New Hampshire so much? Boo.)

Do you like my red, white, and blue floral dress with my blue cardigan? What can I say--- I love America. Happy Belated Birthday!

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  1. Gorgeous fireworks picture, wow! Love the dress!