Thursday, September 9, 2010

Before and After

Last week I mentioned that I was doing something to alter my appearance. Specifically, my hair color went from this...

to this...

Believe it or not, the second, deeper brunette color is actually much closer to my natural color than the first one. Unfortunately, four years ago I was a silly college freshman who had just broken up with her boyfriend of four years and needed a dramatic change; the result was me thinking I could dye my hair blonde from a box (d'oh!) and ending up with an orangey/auburn hue; that, I tried to turn blonde the correct way by highlighting it, but realized how much money and maintenance being a blonde is, and so tried to cover it back up with that same darker color you see in the second picture. In two years, it's faded to the color of the first picture. What I've learned from all this? DON'T TRY TO CHANGE YOUR NATURAL COLOR! I'm terrified mine may never come back, and this whole saga has been literally one of my biggest regrets. It's so melodramatic it's laughable.

So anyways, I LOVE the new color, even though it's already faded quite a bit. What do you think?? Have you ever had a hair-dyeing nightmare?


  1. Usually, I get my hair done at a salon where a stylist colors it for me. I'm too scared to try it on my own! Once, I used a box but it was a simple touch-up so it turned out just fine. :)

    Your new hair looks great, though!

  2. O.M.G. I am in that club too. In high school I tried to bleach my hair blond by myself, from a box. The result was $150 at the salon the next day trying to fix it and YEARS of my hair being damaged.

  3. You look amazing! I love the new color!

  4. haha, ummm yes! We call it the drab brown/red/awful phase I went through last winter. I will never go dark again. I do blonde highlights but they actually look more natural than my dirty dishwater blonde.

    I have to confess...I don't see a big difference but I'm sure it's much different in the sunlight. Either way I think you look fabulouso!

  5. Looks great!! I am a blonde and have always thought about going darker but have been warned against it because its so tough to go back ~ Glad you've made it back!!

  6. Thanks, girls! Stephany, this was definitely a salon-job...I will NEVER attempt to do it myself again, haha! Melissa, I totally feel ya on the damage...when will it end?!?