Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My First Coach!!!

It's a little difficult to have buyer's remorse when you buy something and all the sales girls clap for you and give you pretty tissue paper and a hug. And that, my friends, is exactly what happened last friday, when I purchased my very first Coach bag!!!

I am a poor college student, it's true. But when I really want something, I save for it. (Besides, you know, my future. 'Cause I really want that too.) Recently I've been figuring it was due time that I got myeslf a "big-girl bag." I'll be going on super important job interviews soon and will obviously be buying a new suit, but will I look polished in a new suit, new heels, and a knock-off bag that I bought at a flea market two years ago that's falling apart? Mmm, not so much. See, I'm not a typical "bag" girl. I get one, I use it 'til it literally explodes/dies, and then I get another. Well, instead of buying cheap bags every year or two, why not get a really nice bag that will last for years, and look professional, and, I'll admit it, just be generally fabulous?

But don't worry, I didn't go to an actual Coach store. That would be hilarious. Because I have bills. I went to the Coach outlet with my mum last Friday, after we got glammed up with mani/pedis (I got OPI's Siberian Nights on's SO fall!) and got a light lunch of salad, soup (NO BREADSTICKS) and a glass of wine at Olive Garden.

Then we hit the outlets for some serious fall spending...and that's when my mum steered me into the Coach store and said, "You've been talking about getting a bag, and I think you should. Do it."

I had been really eyeing the Madison Maggie in Saffron for a long time...but alas, at $348.00, I just couldn't justify it. WELL. I found Maggie's identical twin at the outlets for less than half that price...and it's still GORGEOUS:

I really love it. The color is exactly what I wanted, and the oversize buckle is just so sassy.

OH. And I took these pictures on my new Canon Powershot SD1300 IS! Which I'm completely obsessed with. Too bad I can't take a picture of it! Ha!

And I got this adorable Vera Bradley case to keep it safe, with my two favorite colors: chartreuse and turquoise!

(And yes. I've been engaging in some serious retail therapy while I've been home. It's the only way I can cope with senior year.)


  1. 1.) I love your bag!! 2.) I love the nail color!! I hope you are having a great day! xo

  2. love the polish AND the bag! outlet shopping is the best :-)

    I thought I was the only one who kept their camera in a VB change purse- it's the perfect size right?!

  3. Hey girly, just checking to make sure you received your giveaway win. Happy weekend!

  4. Nice selections! That purse is to die for!