Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First Chance Dresses

This upcoming Saturday, we're having our first Senior event of the year- First Chance! We all dress up in formal attire, relish in a cash bar that's cheaper than the bars in-town, and get a chance to start our senior year by spending time with current friends and possibly making some new ones.

I ALSO managed to score a free trim and blowout from my stylist the afternoon of the party. I'm so glad I don't have to worry about blowing out my hair, because honestly I'm terrible at it and can never do it well!

Of course, now comes the universal problem of senior year. With so many class events...I need more dresses! What should I wear?

I could do something simple, sexy, and formal like this black strapless dress from Zara.

Or I could so something sweet, frilly, and feminine like this J.Crew ruffled cotton dress.

Royal blue is one of my favorite colors for dresses, and I LOVE the neckline of this Banana Republic piece. I wouldn't even need jewelery!

Sequins and belted waists are super big right now, and I've always wanted to try a one-shoulder dress, like this one from Forever 21. But maybe the fact that it looks like two separate pieces is too casual for a formal party?

I don't know if I could be bold enough to don this slinky cutout halter from Arden B. It looks super sexy, but is it too much?

I'm heading to the outlets this weekend, to look for dresses like each of the different types I've listed above: simple LBD, feminine and flirty, statement necklines, sequins or one-shoulder, and cutouts. What kinds do you guys like best? I promise pictures of the winner!

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  1. That's awesome that you scored the free trim. How'd you manage that? I've been putting off a haircut because I'm broke and my hair looks atrocious!
    I love the dresses-I can't wait to see what you find. It's always easier to choose when you actually see it on. Feel free to upload mobile photos so we can vote! ;-)