Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Brother's Wedding: Pictures! Finally!

This bee has been a wee bit busy (do you like the rhyme/alliteration I used there?) but finally I have a spare second to put up the pictures from my brother's wedding that I traveled to San Diego for two weekends ago!

It was a lightning-fast trip...I left at 5am Friday morning and got back at 8pm Sunday night, and did MOUNTAINS of homework on the plane, but of course it was worth it to see my brother marry (finally!) For awhile there we were getting a little worried (all my brothers are in their thirties and he is the first to take the plunge. Our joke is that I'll be next, before either of my other two brothers).Let's back up. I was *supposed* to leave on a 6:45am flight Friday morning. I got to the airport at 5:30am, plentyyy of time to get through security, even though I spied the line and for some reason, at 5:30am Albany airport was a zoo. But nonetheless, I was confident it would be enough time. But when I got to the ticketing counter, an employee rushed over to me and said that the flight from Albany to Newark wasn't leaving until 9:50am, even though my connection to San Diego in Newark was leaving at 8:50. Crap. So they rushed me over to the counter and put me on a 6:08am flight. I protested, saying that there was NO way I would make it through security in twenty minutes, but they rushed me off. Frazzled, I decided to just carry-on my bag, since it was small(ish), but I forgot that I had packed full-size (and rather nice/expensive) toiletries. I finally got to the security scan at about 5:55. Yeah, my plane had already begun boarding, and I hadn't even screened my bag yet. I asked them to move to the front of the line, since my flight was leaving in 15 minutes, and they just said "everyone is in the same situation." Um, no, no they were not, since I was forced against my will onto an earlier flight, and had I known I was going to be on a 6:08am flight, I would have gotten to the airport at 4:45am.

But I digress.My bag went off in security due to my full-size shampoo, body wash, and eye makeup remover, but by this point I was so anxiety-ridden about making my flight that I just told them to toss whatever they needed to toss. They did, but then announced they'd have to RE-scan my bag! I ran to my gate and got there around 6:07, and indeed, the guy was literally JUST closing the door. I had missed my flight. This was the point where I sort of just lost it. I dropped my bags and burst into tears and told them I needed to get on the next flight to San Diego or I would miss my brother's wedding. (White lie. I would definitely have missed the rehearsal dinner).After much crying and much ado, and after they told me they would NOT be able to even GET ME to San Diego by that night, I finally switched airlines and was put on a 10:30am flight to San Diego. For someone who already has a LOT of anxiety about flying, this all certainly did not help.

But, most importantly, I made it. In time for the rehearsal dinner, and the wedding. And it was beautiful and wonderful, and we all agreed I won the award for worst travel to get there.
The rehearsal dinner:

Getting ready the next morning in Tiffany's suite:

(Adorable champagne bottles!)

The ceremony:

(My brother Brad is the best man, the first groomsman from the left. My brother Scott is next to him, second groomsman from the left.)

Then we took some family/wedding party photos:

The reception: (I did not catch the bouquet. Much to my chagrin.)

(My parents when they got married! They were my age!)

(Brad thought the Best Man's speech was actually a stand-up comedy routine. Case-in-point: During the speech, he called out one of my brothers' friends for apparently attempting to hit on me all night. I was so involved in taking pictures I apparently didn't even notice!)

Thanks for looking! Weren't her colors beautiful? And I LOVE the reception was very modern-lodge.


  1. What a beautiful bride! And I loooooooove your dress lady!

  2. Gahhh, just reading this I was super stressed for you. SO glad you were able to make it to the rehearsal dinner and the wedding! Your sister in law was beautiful. Looked like a lovely wedding!

  3. Gorgeous Bride. Handsome Groom. Beautiful bridesmaids. Absolutely stunning wedding!! :)
    Love your blog, I’m your newest follower!

  4. Girl, I can totally relate to your flight anxiety - I almost missed my flight from Dublin to Chicago a few months ago and was in tears!

    The wedding was simply beautiful! Congrats to your brother - his bride is just stunning, too! What an awesome weekend!

  5. @Kristin: Thank you so much! It took me love enough to find it, haha!

    @DG: Haha me too, of course! I'm not sure if I can say thank you for Tiffany's compliments...but thank you? Ha!

    @Britni: Ooo yay! Heading over to check out your blog now! Thanks for stopping by =)

    @Meghan: Isn't it the most awful feeling? Ugh!