Monday, October 11, 2010

When One Door Closes...

Last week, I posted about how I got rejected from Teach for America. You guys were all super supportive and immediately responded that something great would be waiting for me just around the corner.

Boy, you guys are good. The DAY AFTER I received my rejection letter from Teach for America, I received an acceptance letter...from Carney, Sandoe & Associates! They are a teacher placement service that acts as a representative of students looking for teaching positions in Independent schools across the country. They only select candidates whom they feel they can successfully place...and they selected me! This opportunity feels so right to me, which makes me feel that something, though I didn't care to admit it, was missing throughout my Teach for America application process. Carney Sandoe has been SO supportive and helpful in the less-than-a-week I've been working with them, and my placement counselors are fantastic. I am completely excited for this opportunity...and also anxiously awaiting the day when they send me my first referral! The way it works is that if a school that matches my criteria (English teaching position, preferably high school, in California) has a position open up, CS&A will send me a referral informing me of the position. If I am interested, I follow up with the school, who CS&A, in turn, has notified about me, and sent my file to. If the school is likewise interested, they contact me for an interview, and that's where CS&A has to step back and let me shine (or fail, but let's hope not.)

Thank you all so much for saying that another opportunity would open up for totally did, and I feel so good about this one. Now, let the referrals start coming!


  1. Yay-I'm so glad you got another (better!) opportunity. It sounds like Match makers for jobs, hehe! Can't wait to hear about all the referrals. Ahem, Northern Cali, Northern Cali. ;-)

  2. Congrats on the acceptance letter! That's right, let the referrals start coming :).

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  3. I'm so excited for you Michelle! I missed the previous post where you faced rejection from the other place, but it's so true that when doors close, others open. I hope you get successfully placed out west! :)

  4. @DG: Haha that's actually EXACTLY what it is! I've been trying to describe it to people like if I was looking for a house, CS&A would be my real estate agent...but I think I'll just call them matchmakers, ha!

    @Sydney: Thank you! Ooo I definitely will, thanks!

    @Kinsey: Thank you so much!!! Here's hoping...

  5. Wow! Congrats! That is incredible news! I truly believe that everything happens for a reason!