Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Recipe to a Perfect Fall Day:

1. Wake up and realize that it's sunny and warm! The elusive perfect New England fall day.

2. Go for a walk and take pictures of burgeoning foliage on your pretty campus.

3. Convince your boyfriend to wear his glasses for the whole day, because he looks the cutest in them, and it makes you want to snuggle more, which is a bonus for him.

2. Get yummy wraps to-go and bring them to Weston Field, where you will promptly watch Williams football beat their wussy Hamilton opponents.

4. Go out for a yummy dinner, which your boyfriend treats you to, because he was raised in the Midwest and thinks that a gentleman always pays on a date, even after two years.

5. Get a drink at your friendly neighborhood pub.

6. Meet up with your good friend Zeb and giggle when he and your boyfriend do really bad Zoolander impressions.

7. Go to bed happy and cozy, and pray that winter doesn't come for a very, very long time...


  1. Dying over that first pic. I so miss seeing the turning of the leaves!

  2. Fall days on college campuses are the BEST time of the year.

  3. I love Fall. I wish it would hurry up and get here. It's been hot still and I can't wear any of my cute fall clothes. Pouty face! I really must visit the East Coast if only for the gorgeous fall leaves you have!