Friday, January 7, 2011

All Alone in the Big City

This afternoon I did something bold, exciting and completely terrifying. See, you guys might remember my having hinted a little that I have an exciting interview coming up in March at a really big, really awesome publishing company outside of LA, and I also have a teaching conference to attend in the same week, where I'll be having many mini-interviews with administrators from private schools throughout the state of California. Orbitz is having amazing deals right now on tickets from Boston to Los Angeles (like, under $300 amazing), and I was getting anxious that if I didn't book soon, I'd miss out on these prices (which, honestly, are all I can really afford). So, I did it. I took the plunge, and booked my ticket out.

The only problem? I have nowhere to stay, hardly any money, and no means of transportation. I'm flying out Friday morning and getting in around noon, and my conference isn't until Saturday morning at 9am. That means I have a couple options. I could leave the airport and walk around/splurge on a cab/do some sightseeing/possibly scope out some apartment complexes in the area for my move in June, but the problem with that is I'll be lugging a giant suitcase since I'm not flying out for 11 days (I'll be heading to Santa Barbara with L. and his parents the following Wednesday). Plus, I wouldn't want to get too far from the airport since I'll most likely be sleeping there (it's free, I'm broke, and I don't know what I would do for transportation from a hotel to the conference location anyway, since it's about an hour from the airport with traffic). I could try to find a cheap hotel, but that again leaves the problem of transportation--I could splurge on a hotel or a cab ride, but probably not both.

Is this crazy? Most likely. I picture it being like a scene in a movie--young about-to-be college graduate ruthlessly pursues job opportunities, at the expense of sleep, showering and overall comfort. I picture myself curling up on the floor of the airport, linking my arm through my baggage so no one steals it while I sleep, and spooning my business suit, which will be laid out to avoid wrinkles.

Luckily I'm not homeless for the entire 11 days. I'll hopefully be staying with a good friend who lives in Palos Verdes for the weekend and then I'll be heading up to Santa Barbara, as I mentioned. But the thought of being homeless and carless for over 24 hours--and having to look professional and presentable the next day--is a little terrifying. But also? Maybe I'm masochistic, but it's really exciting. The things we do for our dreams, right?

Let's just hope I don't get mugged...

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  1. That is so crazy and exciting! It'll be an adventure and one you'll look back on with fondness I am certain. I cannot wait to hear all about it. xo

  2. I wish you were visiting northern California. I would absolutely offer you a place to stay and a ride to your interview. Good luck with everything doll-you will do great! Cant wait to hear all about it.

  3. Thanks for the encouraging words girls!!! DG, I might actually be buying a last-minute ticket and flying up to interview with a couple companies up there too...I might have to take you up on that, haha!!

  4. Eee! You are a brave girl!! But I am sure it will be a fabulous adventure!! Have fun!! And good luck with the interview!

  5. You could always try pricelining a hotel the day before to see if you can get an affordable deal! Don't do the search option, do the bidding option, and then pick a hotel near the airport. I once got a suite in dowtown for $30 and Dan and I have never paid over $40 while bidding for a hotel (nice hotels- 4 stars). That way you can get some sleep and not worry about being mugged :)

  6. Ooo, that's a great tip Melissa! I can't believe how cheap you've gotten those rooms for!