Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bling for the New Year

My mom unintentionally set off a firestorm of a shopping spree when she gave me a gift card to Old Navy for Christmas...which I promptly spent and then some. As you guys know, I'm all about getting amazing, pricey-looking pieces on the super cheap, and I have to say, though I've always felt that Old Navy was hit-or-miss for me, I nearly took out their entire stock last week. Here are just some of the sparkly, blinging, New Year's-inspired pieces I picked up (or desperately wanted to, but they weren't in my size, sniff sniff.)

Women's Sequined Pocket-Cardigan in Marshmallow White, on sale in-store for $10.95!

Women's Embellished Cardigan in Cocoa Powder, on-sale online for $19.97

Women's Facet-Button Cardigan in Peaches and Cream, on-sale in-store for $10.95

Women's Beaded Button-Front Cardigan in Smoky Gray, on-sale online for $19.97

(Okay, can you tell I'm a little cardigan-obsessed?)

Women's Embellished "Swanky Tank" in Heather Gray, on-sale in-store for $5.95!

These tanks are amazing...I also got one in a dark charcoal gray with the neckline of this white one, again for only $5.95! Such a steal!

I also got a really great bead-and-jewel gray and silver's sort of hard to explain without the picture, but think of solid gray beaded balls mixed in with sparkly silver jewels, on a silver chain.

Oh, and to wear all these cute new tops with, I got a pair of jeans from my favorite store for jeans ever, Express. If you guys haven't tried jeans from need to. Like, right now. I got my first and only ever pair of flattering skinny jeans there and just picked up a really flattering pair of boot-cut jeans, as well.

Did anyone else go on any unintentional shopping-sprees over the holidays?


  1. Um, YES!! I went to the mall armed with a gift card and went waaaay beyond. Yikes! I need to just stay away for I have no self control when there are deals to be had. :) P.S. Love Old Navy and your finds!!

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