Saturday, January 1, 2011


Now that it's officially 2011 and I can finally say I'm graduating this year, I think I'm allowed to start indulging in some apartment online-shopping! Not to say I haven't been doing this for, oh, the past two years while simultaneously bemoaning my restriction to a tiny dorm room, but now I've convinced myself that it's close enough that it's okay. Plus, L.'s mom got him/us a whole bunch of awesome kitchen supplies for Christmas (thanks Judy!), so clearly she gets it.

These are all things I would have to save for probably months (okay, that rug? years) before we could afford them, seeing as we're only taking what can fit in the back of L.'s Subaru and are starting out with very little more than pennies to our names, but a girl can dream, yes? YES.

This is what I'm thinking for the bedroom: dark woods, neutrals (whites, grays, blues), geometric patterns, and some pops of metallics.

West Elm Chunky Wood Floor Mirror in Chocolate

Pottery Barn Valencia II Sleigh Bed, Mahogany Stain (with the same bedding, too--all white!)

West Elm Chunky Tassel Throw in Platinum

Pottery Barn Valencia Tall Dresser in Mahogany Stain

Pottery Barn Addin Leather Armchair in Java

Shades of Light Fretwork Rug, 8'x10', in Smoky Gray and Cream

Shades of Light Jonathan Adler Floor Lamp in Bronze

Z Gallerie Quad Collection decorative plates

This was way, way too much fun, and now I actually have myself convinced I'll be able to get all these pieces for our first apartment...that is, the bedroom of our first apartment, with a kitchen and a living room to furnish. Sigh. Maybe after I land my job L. and I can subsist on Ritz crackers and cream cheese for a few months until we can afford all these things! Ha! I'll post my other dream-rooms sometime soon. We'll have to see what L. thinks about all this...

PS- Happy 1/1/11!!!


  1. Fun fun fun! I really like all of your selections here :) You will totally acquire items over time. You'll see - you'll start with craigslist furniture and then out of necessity or just because you want to and can afford to, you'll start replacing items one at a time. It's better that way, you'll develop a style as you go and everything will go together better. Obviously not as awesome and fun, but better. Promise :)
    I need a mirror like that. We are consolidating two houses in to one (and we're moving tomorrow) and I was just thinking - I'm pretty sure neither of us own a floor length mirror! I know mine was attached to a door at my last house, and I don't think we put one in the moving truck so that would be on the purchase asap list!

  2. I love the furniture and other items you've picked out! I like the contrast of the dark wood and lighter fabrics. It must be so exciting to start planning for your first proper home together. I found myself picking out the things I would decorate my future home with when I visited Ikea with my boyfriend last week. We only went to get him an Office chair but I had decorated an entire room with things!

  3. I'm a somewhat similar situation as you, I'll be graduate in May and hopefully moving out towards the latter part of 2011, provided I get a job! I'm excited to decorate and go furniture shopping! It's just so...ADULT!! :)

  4. I love "window" shopping online. We have such similar taste. I love dark woods and lighter bedding. I want the all white/off-white hotel collection bedding set from Macys. I drool over it every time I see it. That chunky mirror is awesome too.
    I'm so excited for you two and your first real place together. Can't wait to see all of the pictures of how you'll decorate it. I know you'll get creative on a budget too. You can always do it yourself and stain old furniture.

  5. So excited to hear all about your big move! What an adventure. Love your vision for the bedroom too.

  6. Kinda truly, madly, deeply in love with that mirror!

  7. I love your style, lady! I am in the market for a similar mirror! I just might have to steal your idea:)