Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blizzard 2011 by the numbers

Number of times I've left the house today: 0
Number of times I'll be leaving the house today: 0
Episodes of How I Met Your Mother watched: 9
Number of pizzas we're ordering for dinner: 2
Temperature outside: 19°
...Feels like:
Inches of snow already fallen: 16
Inches of snow predicted by the end of the storm: 32

I've got to get out of New England...


  1. See, and I am DYING for a snow day. Want to trade???

  2. I could watch How I Met Your Mother episodes all day long. Love that show!

    I want to hear about your trip to LA woman!! Do tell.

  3. @Meghan: Absolutely! Haha.

    @DG: Oh, I'm not going until March! But believe me, it's all I think about...and there will certainly be a blog update!

  4. It sounds so wonderful (I love snow!) but I totally get the whole not wanting to go out in a snowstorm feeling :)