Monday, September 28, 2009


Last night my brother Brian and his girlfriend Tiffany got engaged!

I actually haven't met her yet which I'm super bummed about but she sounds so unbelieveably amazing, and my parents just met her earlier this summer and love her to death.

This is a really big deal because all three of my brothers are 29, 29 and 32 and none have seemed even remotely close to taking the plunge at any time. The family joke has always been that everyone's looking to me to provide the grandbabies before my brothers since I've always wanted to be married young-ish, at least before graduating grad school. (Aha but what they don't know is although I've always wanted to be married young, I do NOT want children...for at least another decade.)

So anyways, this is a huge deal and I'm so excited to go to the wedding next summer-ish, which will be in or around sunny San Diego.

And, speaking of weddings, I can't wait until Jim and Pam FINALLY have theirs in Niagra Falls next Thursday! (Unhealthily invested in their relationship.) This actually makes me laugh because I never realized Niagra Falls was such a popular wedding (read: elopement) destination but when L. and I stopped there on our cross-country road trip this summer his dad made an offhand remark about making sure not to do anything brash when we were up there. The only brashness came from ordering a drink (okay...more than one) in Ontario and then freaking out when we had to go back across the border to go to our hotel on the American side and I thought the cop/mountie/border patrol officer would arrest me for having legally drank in Canada but illegally crossed drunk into the US. (He didn't, but he did ask L. "what the relationship in the vehicle was." Um, hello?

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