Sunday, September 27, 2009

Severe Lack of Focus

So I've been sick for the last week or so, and have been convincing myself it's not a big deal and that I don't have the swine even when I've been flitting back and forth between cold symptoms (sniffles, sore throat, runny eyes) and flu symptoms (chills and FEELING like I have a fever even though the thermometer doesn't seem to think so).

But the biggest problem with this strange hybrid sickness that seems here to stay? It's completely stealing my ability to concentrate. I'm not kidding. It's like physical manifestations of procrastination. I have this permanent aching in my head that's not quite a headache, despite how much advil I've taken. It's more of this dull warm pain that starts where my spinal cord meets my head and travels up around the back area there. Doesn't sound too good, does it? But I refuse to visit the health center because they pack you up and ship you off to Mt. Hope if you have flu symptoms:

Doesn't seem too bad, right? Leaving the smelly dorms with co-ed bathrooms that must be shared with boys who don't know how to aim? Well, I simply cannot be shipped off to Mt. Hope. I have MUCH too much going on on campus with directing my show and insane amounts of work to do. So, I've settled on nurturing this miserable sickness that, like I said, seems to strike by taking away my ability to concentrate or think. It sounds like such a cop-out but it's so true! When I glance at things they're out of focus. Doing my Con Law reading right now is probably the hardest feat I've ever attempted; it's all just words and I'm reading pages but not being able to recall what's going on in any way possible. All I want to do is sleep!!!