Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Toeing The Line Between Two Worlds

So now that summer has ended and classes are starting (tomorrow!), you'd think that I'd be able to happily acknowledge that I lived life as a "real person" this summer with a 40-hour-a-week, 9-to-5 job, and settle comfortably back into the considerably different, 9-to-2-in-the-morning life of a college student.


I'm in this stage where I have been asked by by bosses at the museum to stay on and help with the publishing process of our up-and-coming European Paintings Catalogue (the project on which I've been working all summer), which is a great opportunity and of course I said yes. But I'm also still a college junior, focused on classes, parties, directing a show, editing a campus newspaper, and all the other minute details that make up that part of my life, and quickly realizing that making those two lives exist in marital bliss is going to be very difficult.

I had my first taste of it today. I woke up, dressed up, put on a cute pair of brown suede heels with a little bow and set off to drive to work. I worked on my project, had my morning tea, and met with our Director of Gifts to go to lunch with the Williams alum who sponsored my internship this summer (basically, he paid my rent. Thanks!). After business lunch, I finished up the essay I was editing and left for the day. Normally, I'd go home, kick my shoes off, watch some TV and order some takeout, happy to not have to take my work home with me and recharge for the next day. But today, immediately after coming home from work (and still kicking my heels off, because let's face it, the cuter they are the more water blisters they cause), but immediately following that I had a board meeting for the Record, our newspaper, and then ran to a meeting with the board of our student theatre organization to talk about how preparations for my show are coming along (I have auditions this weekend! Ah!). After posting up flyers for auditions I'm squeezing in some time to order in beef and broccoli with L., but then it's off to my night job making photocopies for the Political Science department.

I really like both of these worlds separately, but it's really, really weird making them coexist.

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