Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Indulging, or Being Bad!

So, I mentioned over the summer that I would be blogging about my trials and tribulations with the South Beach Diet, which I've been doing since the first week of July. That didn't really end up happening...mostly because there have been none!

I don't mean to sound like an obnoxious pain in the butt, but this diet has been a breeze. My biggest problem was being way too obsessive about it (although now the compliments have gone to my head, and I'm being a bit more lax than I should be.) I lost between 15 and 20 pounds, two pants/dress sizes, and I feel FANTASTIC. I have truly never felt better.
That being said...

I am SO MUCH MORE INTO CLOTHES NOW than I ever was before! It's terrible. But I just feel SO good in them! And since I had a real-person job making a real-person salary this summer, I'm justifying making some pretty indulgent purchases to myself. Here's what I've been splurging on for the fall....

The kicker: my Bandolino Castalina cognac leather boots. I STILL don't remember how I convinced myself it was acceptable to buy these babies. At $149.00, they are not an impulse purchase. In fact, I kept the Piperlime tab up on my firefox browser for multiple days, and every day I looked at them again, and every day I wanted them even more than the day before. But I am someone who NEVER makes big purchases. EVER. I buy lots of little things that probably add up to the same amount in the end, anyways, but I really am the opposite of extravagant.

The next few items won't seem so bad, but keep in mind that I bought them all with the SOLE INTENTION of pairing them with the boots. I am not kidding. "Great," I thought when I got them, "I have awesome fall boots!" But oh no--all my jeans are flared! None of my tops cover my butt when I wear leggings! I have no outfits for these boots!"

So next came the AE tunics. They're adorable, have ruffles, will look good with my pearls, and will hopefully cover what L. has affectionately called my "apple bottom."

And to go with the tunics...the leggings. And by the way, these all come not long after my oh-so-out-of-character summer indulgence, my enV 3. Which I have managed to drop about five times since I've been at Williams, leaving some very noticeable scuffs. But I still love it.

And these are just the things I've already gotten. I haven't even ordered my new two-size-smaller skinny jeans yet!

Losing weight is an expensive endeavor. This weekend, I'm totally eating some ice cream.

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