Tuesday, September 8, 2009

On Romantic Airport Rendezvous

Lately, my absence has been notable. There's a ton of things I want to share with everyone about my last week, which has included reuniting with L. after three months of separation at the airport (it's been over a week and I still can't stop kissing him!), Round Three of L. And My Family Quality Time (Round Two was over Memorial Day Weekend and Round One was my birthday weekend in January), which included celebrating their anniversary and L. and my dad taking a golfing outing, and moving back into Williams. Aka, a super busy week and thus the explanation behind my lack of babble. But never fear, the more I start to settle in and relax the more funny tidbits will start to bubble out of me. For today though, I'm mostly just going to focus on Airport Reunions.

As I'm sure you know by now, I hate airplanes, and flying. However, ironically, I LOVE airports. Usually when I am in them as of late I am being reunited with L. (although there have been those couple times that I've had to say goodbye to him at airports which have caused momentary clouds to form over my genial attitude towards them), but they also represent excitement, adventure, and independence.

I was thinking about it, and I decided that most of the happiest and most miserable moments of people's lives probably happen in the airport. There are those with spouses in the service who get to reunite with them after their deployment is over, those who get proposed to before or after a long-distance visit, or even those like me who have to be separated from the love of their life for three agonizing months but finally get to drive to the airport at ten o'clock at night to wait for their boyfriend, whose flight doesn't get in until 11:45. That was silly on my part, and I almost went nuts waiting in the airport for an hour and forty-five minutes. Not to mention I thought I'd have to call an EMT from the rise in my blood pressure.

L.'s and my romantic airport reunion was everything I thought it would be, complete with tears, shrieks, legs-around-the-waist-and-arms-around-the-neck kisses, and the strange feeling of kissing someone after having not for three months, but I think it almost got overshadowed. Right before L. walked out of the terminal, a little boy (probably about four or five) and his dad walked out. The little boy apparently hadn't seen his mom for a long time because as soon as he did he started SHRIEKING at the top of his lungs "MOM! MOM! MOMMY! MOM!" and refused to let go of her neck. After I realized that he wasn't fatally injured (he really sounded like something horrible had just happened) I couldn't stop smiling, and then I got to have my own reunion.

I have more unpacking to do, sadly, but posting should be a lot more regular now!

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